Monday, 6 April 2015

Apr 5, 2015 - New temple in Bangkok

Hey! I'm on if you're all up, intresting stats about the new temple in Bangkok


"members won't have to go to Manila or Hong Kong anymore.

It'll be about 1/8 the current cost of going to the temple.

Members in West Malayisa can take the train if they need to."

Elder Sessions got pretty sick, so we haven't been out as much, but we've still had some good work.

our investigator's Dad is currently not allowing her to be baptized, so that kinda sucks :/ ( the Dad is drunk every day, used to be a gangster... interesting guy)

I met a bunch of less actives in our area this week! That was really exciting, We've been going through the branch records, cuting all the names apart and re-sorting the record by community, so I took the Siol Kandis (one of the areas in our area...) section and with one of the youth went and found everyone (you have to use members because addresses don't really exist in Siol Kandis...)

We had some awesome investigators come to church :) things are going pretty well. We had a fast (Elders + various members) that V's Dad's heart would be softened so that she could get baptized, so hoping that all works out...
We are playing rugby today for p-day, a few of the youth from our branch are following also!
Miss you!
Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Bester

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