Monday, 30 June 2014

Baptism pictures and more - June 29, 2014

Hello everyone! A mission is crazy. That is my email for the week :P not actually but mom I'm going to attach letters for some people... and can I write letters for some other people also?

Pictures, a couple of awesome families. 

One family's daughters teaching Elder Hobbs yoga :P

my brakes totally worn out... all four were like that... explains why I couldn't really stop for about 2 weeks...:P (Don't worry I've got new brakes already)

Brother J getting baptized!

Brother J's birthday!

The water bottle says "Borneo Drinking Water" (that is not the original contents) but thought it was really funny cause when you fly over borneo that is kinda the colour of the water!

Elders eat a lot of noodles...

Sibu Skyline...

One tiny part of Singapore (Two completely different worlds...)

Chinese characters for Sibu
 Learning Jawi!

"Elder Canada"


also i was just looking at my vaccinations and I still don't have all the required ones hahahahaha

anyways I'm a go!

Jumpa Lagi

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick message from Singapore - June 24, 2014

I asked what he wanted for his birthday
money is good for birthday... Singapore dollar is much better than ringgit :P

umm I was on a plane on p-day... so I am emailing in the Singapore airport... I'll send pictures next week and talk a little more about it.

Zone conference was awesome, and I really enjoyed getting to come to Singapore, I've been blessed recently with being generous with money, along with budgeting well, and had $160 for Singapore, which was a lot considering the mission gave us 30 cause that is all we need...

 I bought frosties for the missionaries who went to wendy's, and that was probably one of my favourite things that I did in Singapore :)
I'm safe and healthy, I got the Canada day package and I'm currently wearing one of the shirts.

Jordan well done on physics. But in grade 11 my social mark was 85.

Also that is a pretty dope Free style time.

Love you all, don't have time to email,

email again on p-day,

Jumpa Lagi,

Elder Bester

Monday, 16 June 2014

Working hard in Sibu - June 15 2014

I hear so much world cup news all the time I don't understand why anyone watches soccer it is so boring. and Malaysia is really bad at soccer :P

CFL! That sounds exciting, keep me up to date on that.

Wow! Elder Reynolds sent a letter! what a good elder!

Brother J is being baptized on saturday! He is so awesome I love him, he is 55 and retired and the adopted uncle? of our most active family in our area.

There were so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start. Everything was so good.

The branch last week said that less active work was fruitless and not worth doing, so this week we proved them wrong, and this family that we've been working with for this whole transfer, the father is a truck driver goes back from Sibu to Miri, he managed to come to sacrament with his family! and they were so awesome! They were all reverent, excited AND SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME!

He got back from work at 8 in the morning, went to sacrament at 11 and then went to work again at 1, with no time HE STILL CAME WITH HIS WHOLE FAMILY AND THEY ARE SO AWESOME I AM EXCITED

We decided that this branch needs to start properly functioning, so we started meeting with our branch mission leader weekly, and letting him do his calling has been SOOOO GOOD! He is working so hard, and we didn't go to branch council, so the leaders of the branch finally realized that they are in charge of the branch, brother E took care of all the missionary stuff, and the branch is changing so quickly.

I met someone from Vancouver this week, visiting family.

We had a meeting with all the branch presidents of the district, and the district president and missionaries about hastening the work, and I got to eat dinner with the district president (who owns a gold business in Singapore and has donated over RM 1 000 000 to the church...) and the branch president from Sibu Jaya and it was one of the best conversations I've had on my mission.


I went on splits with Elder Christenson (from my MTC group) and we now have new investigators of this family who is so prepared!

idk, there was so much, the church is true :P

I was being nakal on my bike, did a wheelie, felt really good, went about 20m further, thought it would be cool to skid out and skid my back tire, turns out that my bike doesn't really have brakes... so I hit a garbage can, knocked it over and it burst a small pipe, but our investigator brother J fixed it :P and as a result we met a member who has left the church...

anyways that's my news for now :P


Monday, 2 June 2014

Lots of pictures! - June 1, 2014


So nothing happened :P We missed a lot of our goals and had the best week for malay elders in the district... (and beat the Chinese Elders... so ya :P) Everyone went back to their villages, Bandar... was empty.

We are not moving, but the other Elders are... eventually... so eventually it will just be me and Elder Hobbs until they find a new place for us, they are trying to get all of us out of there.

Rainy season starts in november... and it just means that is always rains... it isn't really rainy season... it is monsoon season :P

Dad should email me about the talks! No one has told me anything about anything :P like hockey... or church... stake news... I honestly never know anything.

Sibu is good, I'm in the not so solid branch though. So the Sibu district has a branch in a town south of Sibu called Sibu Jaya, (that's pretty good right now) then a branch in Mukah (not growing very fast, but it is solid) then 3 branches in the city of Sibu, Sibu 1st is solid, likely going to split in a year or so. Sibu 2 is strugglng for priesthood, and the chinese branch is not doing so well. The district is ok, but the branch I'm in is below average for the district, and the Sibu district is only ok...

anyways, there were more emails, so I will look at those.

Also I got the Kitab's and the  candy bars

Also exciting to hear about Coleman! (That's about the only news I got :P )

Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Bester

The pictures... Elder Hobbs taught me how to solve a rubix cube and I solved it by myself in 5 min+

Pictures of us trying to pressure hose the bathroom floor to clean it... cause it was gross...
The fire hydrant cap popped off as we were going to eat lunch, and it started to flood our street! There were workers down the road who were working in some mud or something, and when they saw it pop they ran over and bathed in it :P It was sooooo funny, they were the coolest guys ever.

There is a picture with me and Elder Hobbs and a Malay guy who wanted to get his picture with us...
Our district with a cake for Elder Broadhead's birthday
Elder Christensen taught District Meeting with the plan of salvation, but changed it to our "missionaries lives"
Elder Hobbs teaching about the armour of God
I didn't realize how blurry the mcdonalds picture was...
We made home made pau's and roti, and it was so good. We had to make a steamer out of some rack on top of a pot and put a lid on top of the pau's :P
Gawai is a celebration of the old Iban religion... which is pretty much chickens and alcohol. So we went to a couple of longhouses, but everyone was drunk and wasn't very effective... they weren't even good at partying, they all just sat and drank... like at least back home people party :P but they do a lot of chicken rituals, and they cut the head off of chickens and let the blood drain out, then they dip some of the feathers in the blood... so the blood was once a chicken.
Couple of pics of outside a longhouse, just goes for forever they are really cool.
Some pictures of beautiful Sarawak

Some pictures of Bandar Sibu... Every house has top and bottom split, and normaly about 2-4 families living on each half of the house.



anyways! I'm logging off! See you all next week! Love you all, study the scriptures, go to the temple often, have fun, but stay focused. Invite friends to go to activities, to go to church, and to come to family home evening. After that invite them to meet missionaries.

Every member a missionary. Jordan should get to baptize a friend before he leaves on his mission.

And as you continue to do missionary work (which members report saying that our family is inviting people and being good missionaries) You will literally see the family coming closer together, becoming stronger, and a even better example for the ward, and as you continue, the ward will start to fulfill its missionary purpose.

Let the temple be the focus, allow our friends to get the chance to hear the gospel, because it is such a blessing, and should we not share our happiness with our friends?

Jumpa Lagi,

Elder Bester