Monday, 16 February 2015

Feb 15 2015 - Lots of pictures!

I don't ever have to help with sacrament in Kuching, there are always enough people (if they don't have enough youth normally other members bless/pass the sacrament instead of elders)
I had to give an "emergency talk" yesterday, because the brother who was supposed to give the talk didn't come... somehow I always get picked for talks... in all my branches. I've given 3 talks here already... my companion (he says he gave 1) hasn't given any since I've been here. I don't play piano very often, I always try to make sure members play, one of the youth can play a few hymns from the hymn book, and there is an RM who can play some also, and if they can't play it they just play  simplified hymns.

I might go to Dairy Queen in Singapore!!! Also, I'll be in Singapore for my 6 months left day... (Feb.26th)

OH YA! I was actually sick this week, like not what Mom thinks sick is, like I was actually sick... got a fever up to 39.3 degrees... that was rough, but I'm all good!

We have some new investigators from some part member families, things are going pretty good!

Elder Bester

Anyways pictures!

Barbequing at Christmas!

Elder Yang and Elder Sessions sleeping

Elder Sessions "Puming" the branch president's son on his bike

Mangosteen (the fruit)

Our investigator following us to find less-actives (the little girl on Elder Sessions Shoulders)

Those aren't our hats, they are Sister M's hats, (an old 80+ year old sister in our area) and we borrowed them
A pet monkey

The performance at the cultural center


More Cultural Center...


Me with an old Bidayuh guy who works at the center

Japanese skulls kept over a fire in an "Iban longhouse" (The Iban (ancient) belief is that the soul is kept in the skull of a person, so when the Japanese invaded Sarawak, the Iban's chopped off their heads and kept their skulls burning over a fire to continually burn their souls.)
(still cultural center) Iban drums

a spider...
a waterfall...
Me wearing a Malay thing...


Us digging the grave for the newly departed former branch president.... with a log in the middle of it


Goats I saw while on splits with Elder Harr in Batu Kawah, that was cool 'cause I've never seen pet goats in Kuching, like imagine you drove around MacEwan and saw goats... same concept


The chair of the guy who binded my Kitab Mormon into hard cover


Sister S's baptism! 

Us visiting Sister K and Sister B in the hospital (the old members from Kota Sentosa, they were the main help in my area back in Sentosa)

A jug plant (in Bako)
Beautiful Bako... lot's of pictures from my mission... in Bako


Elder Sessions with the Babi #haram

Our investigator on the back of Elder Sessions' bike

ok that should be all my pictures
I was reading some of your emails and Luke says that you were visiting people in the hospital because you were really sick and already there. No wonder I worry!

hahahahahaha that's so funny, no, we don't go to the government hospitals in the event of an emergency, we always go to private clinics because Malaysian hospitals are sketch. (I've never needed to go to a hospital on my mission)
Did you get your new suit? Is there anything you need?

got a new suit, is there a way you could ship a peter's milk shake here and timbits?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Feb 9, 2015 - Fun PDay

wow you e-mailed a lot :P hahaha

That sounded like a cool stake conference though!

We just went to Bako (Which is the cool beach that I went to last year in Kuching) That was a ton of fun, we played capture the flag on the beach there, it was such a great time, had a hike got to run around, now getting e-mailing done....

We got a new investigator this week! Her name is V, 14 years old, she was a referral of our recent convert's younger brother! She doesn't have a very large background of Christian knowledge (small understanding of God and Christ, plan of salvation were entirely new concepts) but she is incredibly supported by the youth of Matang branch (majority of which attend the same school) (The Matang youth are super dope, it's a lot of fun to serve in the branch with them)  

Anyways :P

I got my Christmas package a couple weeks back :) I like the pillow case haha, I finished the Doritos already... :P

I miss the chinese new years parties back home! They were fun! There is so much chinese music, and Elder Sessions absolutely hates chinese music... so he's going insane right now :P

#hopeImNotLessActiveInAYear #_if_i_am_go_kick_my_butt

I asked about the mission presidency

So the Mission Presidency is President Mains, President Chen (Singapore) and President Ero (Kuching) I know President Ero very well, I've only met President Chen once (both Christmas' I ate at Presdient Ero's house... and all his daughters are fb friends... also his son replaced me in Johor as Elder Lebanon)

I think the general authority is the Asia area President (Elder Funk) He came to Kuching, but I didn't have the chance to meet him. 

The councellors of the mission presidency (now this is just my thoughts, obviously I don't know every thing they do) assist a lot with member and district work. Presdient Mains can do interviews for members with good english, and even poorish english, but President Chen can do interviews in Chinese, and President Ero can do interviews in Malay/Iban (and he's Bidayu, so if he needed to he could also do that...) anyways, they assist a lot with the district (and Singapore Stake) in organization and function.

anyways that's a bit for today :P

Anyways! Jumpa Lagi!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Feb 1, 2015 - Baptism!

Hey! This was my baptism in Johor that happened the week after I left!

Sister S got baptized this week! That was very exciting, the baptism went really well! I still haven't gotten a card reader... sorry... but Elder Sessions is going to give me the picture in a sec from the baptism.
The house is awesome, I love Elder Parker, one of my favourite people in the mission, he is training Elder Ee from Kuala Lumpur, he's funny, 'cause his English is pretty FOB... but it's better than his Malay (he's Chinese) so it's funny talking to him :P I've never really seen a "native greeny" but he's really funny, It brings back memories from Sentosa.
(I told him that Jordan got 32 points in a basketball game)
32 points is a lot of points! I've heard (from Bro.Laughlin) that J is almost 6 feet tall now! (but I'm guessing probably still about 110lbs)
What the heck! Why is it so warm back home...? is it summer already? oh... never mind, it was schizophrenic Calgary weather.
 (And I told him that the cousins came over, with Sam driving)
Anyways, the week was good :P

Jumpa Lagi
Elder Bester