Monday, 9 February 2015

Feb 9, 2015 - Fun PDay

wow you e-mailed a lot :P hahaha

That sounded like a cool stake conference though!

We just went to Bako (Which is the cool beach that I went to last year in Kuching) That was a ton of fun, we played capture the flag on the beach there, it was such a great time, had a hike got to run around, now getting e-mailing done....

We got a new investigator this week! Her name is V, 14 years old, she was a referral of our recent convert's younger brother! She doesn't have a very large background of Christian knowledge (small understanding of God and Christ, plan of salvation were entirely new concepts) but she is incredibly supported by the youth of Matang branch (majority of which attend the same school) (The Matang youth are super dope, it's a lot of fun to serve in the branch with them)  

Anyways :P

I got my Christmas package a couple weeks back :) I like the pillow case haha, I finished the Doritos already... :P

I miss the chinese new years parties back home! They were fun! There is so much chinese music, and Elder Sessions absolutely hates chinese music... so he's going insane right now :P

#hopeImNotLessActiveInAYear #_if_i_am_go_kick_my_butt

I asked about the mission presidency

So the Mission Presidency is President Mains, President Chen (Singapore) and President Ero (Kuching) I know President Ero very well, I've only met President Chen once (both Christmas' I ate at Presdient Ero's house... and all his daughters are fb friends... also his son replaced me in Johor as Elder Lebanon)

I think the general authority is the Asia area President (Elder Funk) He came to Kuching, but I didn't have the chance to meet him. 

The councellors of the mission presidency (now this is just my thoughts, obviously I don't know every thing they do) assist a lot with member and district work. Presdient Mains can do interviews for members with good english, and even poorish english, but President Chen can do interviews in Chinese, and President Ero can do interviews in Malay/Iban (and he's Bidayu, so if he needed to he could also do that...) anyways, they assist a lot with the district (and Singapore Stake) in organization and function.

anyways that's a bit for today :P

Anyways! Jumpa Lagi!

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