Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick message from Singapore - June 24, 2014

I asked what he wanted for his birthday
money is good for birthday... Singapore dollar is much better than ringgit :P

umm I was on a plane on p-day... so I am emailing in the Singapore airport... I'll send pictures next week and talk a little more about it.

Zone conference was awesome, and I really enjoyed getting to come to Singapore, I've been blessed recently with being generous with money, along with budgeting well, and had $160 for Singapore, which was a lot considering the mission gave us 30 cause that is all we need...

 I bought frosties for the missionaries who went to wendy's, and that was probably one of my favourite things that I did in Singapore :)
I'm safe and healthy, I got the Canada day package and I'm currently wearing one of the shirts.

Jordan well done on physics. But in grade 11 my social mark was 85.

Also that is a pretty dope Free style time.

Love you all, don't have time to email,

email again on p-day,

Jumpa Lagi,

Elder Bester

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