Sunday, 19 July 2015

July so far - and Transfer News

July 5

I arranged through Facebook for someone to call and let Brent know that he was accepted at U of A.

Ya, I got the call.. that was unexpected... I have am absolutely torn between the schools and don't know what to decide... I was very content with only one school accepting me because that's an easy choice.
In this ranking UBC is 21st in the world... which is just so high... and UofA is 64... admittedly still pretty high... ,
UofA definitely is closer, and if I want to live in Alberta, UofA would probs have more connections... but UBC is also an incredibly good school... and I don't want to short cut my education... I have no idea where I should go. Church presence isn't too big of a deal because the church is strong in both places (keeping in mind that I've been in districts for the last 2 years...) and in both places I have the blessings of the temple and the opportunity to magnify my calling...

UofA seems like the cheaper option, but UBC seems like the better school... is there a way to see the schedule like I have for UBC?
Also this week we did a lot! New mission president, WE HAD PANCAKES AND MAPLE SYURP FOR CANADA DAY! (well... a day early for district meeting but still), we had the "Gawai close party" which was soooooooooo fun! it was such a fantastic week.

I was going to ask President Mains about what school I should go to... but he was leaving, and my new mission president has never met me... so I think I'm to myself on this one.

I sent him the Maclean's reviews and some other stuff I found

They all just say, that both schools are good, but UBC is better... I'm gonna have to figure this one out haha.

July 12

I'm thinking UofA I googled the distances for the institutes, and 50km in Vancouver to the campus... and on the campus in UofA. I've also realized, that if I want to live and work in Alberta, maybe I should go to the Alberta school. It's closer to home, and I want to be near home for a while. I think Alberta is the right place.
Lots of stuff this week! We helped a member on his farm, cutting grass with Iban swords, we had a district party on Saturday, lots of pretty Iban/Bidayuh/Chinese girls, and we went on splits yesterday with Young Men! Had an investigator come to church, all around good week!
Jumpa Lagi... or talk to you now if you are on
Elder Bester

UofA is right, I like the idea of going to UBC, but I think I need to go to UofA
No news yet... on the way... (about transfers)

I got transferred with 6 weeks left to Bintulu

But my companion is way dope, Elder Trudo, so I'm way stoked to be with him.

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