Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day - May 11, 2014

Today we got to Skype!!! But first, we had to wait for a couple of hours, so we emailed a bit.

Sister B gave me a list of Bidayuh words, so I'm learning how to teach the first lesson in their language.

(Also, so B is really awesome, wants to go on a mission, and she is dating P right now!)

Bidayuh is another race, they are by far my favourite race in Sarawak :P
but they all have tons of different languages, but I love this family, so I'm going to learn how to teach it, you can teach a lesson in any language with basic grammar and a 100 word vocab...

How is your sign language?

He doesn't speak ASL so I learned how to pray, but that's about it... and he stopped coming to church for a while... but came again last week so I got to talk to him again!

Umm these are the universities I would like you to look at (in order)

1) U of A

2) U of C

3) BYU

4) UBC
Before the total craziness of the skyping starts, mostly we just want to know if you are happy, and healthy too. And, what do you do all day, what is church like, do you get to exercise, what have your companions been like, what is your mission president like?

I'm happy, boleh tahan (can endure), haven't had many invesetigators because I'm training, and it is hard to get efficient work done with someone new

Church has been awesome, we've had over 65 people at church the last 3 weeks which has been awesome. I love this branch and don't want to leave and this might be my last week in Sentosa :(

We do work all day, lose a lot of time on studies... my companions have been great. Elder Reynolds is really good, but I'm worried I haven't trained him well enough, and haven't put my foot down, but I've let him learn for himself, which takes longer, but I hope it has a lasting effect.

Malaysia is my favourite place in the world. I don't ever want to leave Kuching.

Very Healthy, exercise enough...

Don't really see my mission president that often, but he is freaking awesome and very inspiring.
Oh yeah, and questions that Katie and Troy really want to ask are:
Katie - how many times have you gone to McDonalds?
Troy - have you gone to Dairy Queen?
Dad's questions: are you serving hard? Any advice for Jordan?
Jordan has his Bio AP exam tomorrow morning.
McDonalds, too much, and It makes me not feel good :P
and I haven't gone to DQ yet.
I'm serving hard, but not as much as I would like to cause I'm training.
Jordan, read your scriptures and give Jonah a copy of the Book of Mormon
Good luck on your exam, read the scriptures before you study and do your tests!
How many languages do you run in to in a given week?
like a billion.
How are you at getting up in the morning?
good, up at 7 every morning.
Don't missionaries get up at 6:30?
nope, in our mission it is 7 because the sun gets up at 7. and we go to bed at 11
Then, we got to Skype. Mike asked what are the top 5 things you have learned on your mission. Here they are:
- the purpose of the church, to further the work of the Lord
- the importance of the family and also the church family
- the importance of personal devotion
- Doctrine & Covenants 3: 1-3, this is God's work, and we decide if we want to align ourselves to it
- love people

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