Monday, 19 May 2014

Transfer! May 19 2014


I'm going to Sibu with a pretty great guy (Elder Hobbes) He is in the group ahead of me!

One thing I wanted to ask last time, how often do you get fed by members? How often to you eat out? Do you cook, like maybe breakfast/lunch? (Which probably isn’t really cooking.) I remember you said it was expensive to cook.

Fed by members every time we go to their house, but not much food... so we eat out a lot. I don't eat breakfast... and I prefer to eat out :P
Did I tell you that I am going on Trek this year, with Dad?

TREK IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN! too bad I'm in Malaysia :P
Just looked on the map, so same zone? Is it a different district or the same one? Are you still district leader? What have you heard about the area? 

I'll be learning Iban :P and speaking Malay, so it is still in Sarawak (where the Malay is) and it is the 3rd largest city in Sarawak (but Kuching is the largest, and the "general Kuching Area" only has 700 000 people... and the "general Miri area" only has 300 000 people...) Sibu is it's own zone. I'm not DL, I've heard that is the best place in Sarawak for baptizing, not as established as Kuching
So what are the travel plans? Do you get a chance to say goodbye? Will everything fit in your suitcases? 

I don't know when I leave, Probably thursday, we are trying to have a good bye party Wednesday night

and (last week I started packing because I knew I was being transfered to Sibu, I had a dream I was being transfered there)

I think everything will fit... I just need to find a way to ship my sword home...

more like machete
Is Iban just a dialect of Malay or is it totally different? Do you know if you will actually be in the city? Or anything about where you will be living? do you know any of the other missionaries in Sibu?

different dialect, but a lot of it has been lost because of the main usage of malay, but it is still a different language, the older the Iban person, the purer their Iban, also the further away from Kuching, Miri, or nothern Sibu, where different races are and everyone speaks Malay.

My Iban is ok, I can't teach with it yet though.

No idea about anything else.

Both of my trainers are in Sibu, I know my companion, Elder Jensen is there and

 Elder Christensen from my group, there is a lot of people I know in Sibu :)
Do you still have your camera? Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you will remember all the people. And if you don't, go buy one and I'll transfer some money in to your bank to cover it!
To be honest my camera has been gone for a while, but I was hoping that it would turn up for while I was still in Kuching, but now that I'm going some where else I give up :P

So I will go buy one. :P

also maybe this will answer some questions about Sarawak

I gotta go!
I'll email you from SIBU!

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