Monday, 18 November 2013

Nov 17 2013 email

I actually really like the weather here, I have no problem adjusting except it is hard to run in the mornings sometimes, but we have air conditioning, and just like at home, i hate it. It is just cold wind, I would rather not have it :P In Kuching everyone has Air con, and they all over dose on it :P

Yesterday we set our companionship record for distance on our bikes, and that was 50Km (like 50.2) because our branch is not really in Kuching... we live in Kuching and have to bike 5km to our church, which is just on the city limits, and then we went out to Batu Sepuluh (Mile 10) and taught a lesson with a member, and came back... But interesting story from last night, on the way back (because the member actually lives about 5km away from Batu 10 in a place called Kampung Kuap) but on the way back, my seat started getting loose, and then boom! a piece fell off, then a car ran over the piece and destroyed it, and then my seat fell off.

So I biked 10Km standing up to get to a members house (Belinda) and get tape to try to fix my seat because of course, this happened on sunday when i can't go buy tape. :P

WAY TO FREAKING GO JORDAN!!!!!!!! THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME! Now start training for Rugby season.

all my letters are on my desk, I am gonna send some stuff for Christmas that will probs get there in like January :P

The Malay in the MTC and here... well the words are the same... maybe :P everyone speaks a different dialect, and they all learn Malay, so everyone's accent is different, but it's not too bad to understand, especially in lessons.

We got 2 new investigators this week, and they both said that they will read the BOM and if they know it's true they'll get baptized.

I really hope that I don't get transferred (it's the first one out here for me, they are every 6 weeks) because everyone has started inviting us for Christmas!

I love you all, hope you're having a great time.

I don't know how to upload like comments on drop box, so there is a bunch of pictures with no explanation, except for the no durian sign in Singapore :P

Jumpa Lagi

Elder Bester


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