Monday, 25 November 2013

Nov 25 email

I realized some of this email doesn't make sense without my email included, so I've put some parts of my email in italics, before Brent's responses.
How are things going this week? It’s so funny every time we look at the weather forecast, does the weather ever change there?
The weather changes here, it goes from really really hot, to swimming.
Then, told Brent about Katie and Troy participating in the Primary presentation in our ward.

Hey! I get to play the piano for the primary presentation in Kota Sentosa! Troy you are so awesome, you are such a stud.

Katie, I better not have to start writing letters to Everett... that's all you can do :P sing duet's only :P
Next, told him about the Grey Cup...

Dangit the ti-cats lost :/ they're my east team. Oh btw I am uploading a bunch of pictures... but there is no way they are all gonna upload on time... so hopefully next week I can get some more also.
And about Jordan's fender bender and basketball tryouts

Oh my goodness, Russell was with him! Dangit I wish Russell had emailed me this week about that :P oh well he'll tell me eventually :P I heard about basketball from Jordan :P
Told him that Hedley was the half time act at the Grey Cup

Luke said Hedley was awesome!

Well, we have quite a few investigators, one with a baptism date for the 21st of December, but I don't know if he'll make it in time... cause he needs to quit smoking... I hope he does though!
Craig did magic tricks at Troy's birthday party.

Craig does magic? since when haha that's awesome.

Hey so Malay music is really good. It's almost like alternative in Canada, my favourite Malay song is Mungkin Nanti.

so a couple things I'm asking for... :) would you guys be able to (one day in the future) send a USB with Royals by Lorde, and Mungkin Nanti on it? Everybody in the mission has hard drives so they can add music :P So I'm buying one soon.

Also, in the MTC Elder Harr had a shirt... and it said "real missionaries ride bikes" and I was wondering if you know... one day...  a shirt like that could end up in Singapore for me... :P


Okay, story for the week... well one of them :P

So my shoes had been taken a bit of a beating (I'm buying new ones this week) so we were going out to a half active family for a party (as in the two kids... who are older than me so i guess not kids... are active and the parents aren't) But me and Baranov went and played soccer with these little kids in the community first, boosting our rep for when we are out there next time. And my shoe totally fell apart :P like the metal piece is gone, the soul went another way... I sent some pics home but I don't know if they'll make it in time :P It was really really funny haha.

So also, at this party, President Hedges showed up with... DURIAN!!!!! (really smelly fruit) and it was awesome. I really like it. It's really good over here... probably only cause I had it in the MTC though..

So today for p-day we went exploring In BAT CAVES!!!! We climbed all over these caves, we went up this one shaft that went straight up, and it was one of the sketchiest things ever.  I hope a bunch of those pics get through.

Well We are always wet here, always hot, and always smiling.

Also Elder Baranov ran over a dog while biking today :P I wrote about it more in my letter.

Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester


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  1. Hey -- he's just like his dad -- he's outside on a super hot day, doing an activity, and he's wearing a long sleeve shirt! Although mike would be in a jersey!