Tuesday, 12 November 2013

November 11 email

HEY! so today (Remembrance day) (which like Canadian thanksgiving, I am celebrating alone :P although there is another Canadian in the mission, but he lived in Dubai his whole life, so that doesn't count) is my 2 month mark! two months ago today, I said good bye to all of you in the airport! I find it really funny that remembrance day happens to fall on "a day off" for me :P
This is later than i normally email because we went out to a kampung today with Belinda and her family (you'll read more about that family in my next journal) but Belinda is a youth and she is 19 preparing for a mission, so we bring her to a few lessons. But ya, we just did relay races... in the middle of the jungle :P I got some really cool pictures that I'll have to put in the drop box next week :P
I. can. not. believe. that. you. bought. a. car. after. i. left. and. now. jordan. has. a. car.

are you guys actually building the basement too? :P
I already have dates lined up :P (not actually... just people who want one when I get back :)
Obviously Dad's hand reading skills are not as good, he doesn't have mother instinct while he reads.
I'm actually serving in an area where Brother Simon served, in fact he converted Belinda and her family
Work on your talk :P
Also I got the advent calendar and haven't peeked, as much as I've wanted to :P
what else..... hmm....
Oh ya! I have some letters... but they are still all sitting on my desk...
and can you guys still send my letters to various other people so it's cheaper for me...... :) also cause I mean, you can probs just like, hand some out... and that one less stamp....
when we got back from Singapore, as we were going into our room, our neighbour across the hall started talking to us, and we brought up religion (as i have everytime I've talked with someone) and we asked "Oh what religion are you?" (which is actually really normal to ask in Malaysia) and she said "I don't really have one.... could you teach me yours?"
and me and Elder Baranov just look at each other for a second like "did that just happen"
but ya we're teaching her tomorrow, so hopefully that all works out :)
I've had some really neat experiences, I wrote about a couple of them in my letter today.... that I wrote on the bus on the way to and from the Kampung... so it's sedikit a hard to read.
Love you all :)
Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Bester
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