Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dec 16 2013 emails

This week, most of the family was awake when Brent emailed. This is the first message he sent:

so this week i got hit by a car!

Trying (and succeeding) to scare me.  Then he sent more info:

but I'm all good! didn't fall off my bike
and then
Elder Sutherland saw the whole thing and doesn't understand how I wasn't thrown off my bike, but Tuhan looked out for me :P

Tuhan is the word we use because we can't use Allah for God, and actually when I got hit it has helped me shift in to 5th gear easier
I sent some questions about the pictures, and a comment about last week's pictures

What is the melon? Who is cooking? Is that your kitchen? Nice hat!

Fashion advice from Katie - don't leave your pants tucked in to your socks when you are not on your bike.

The melon is watermelon... it taste the same, they have yellow and red here. The melon is right after Elder Sutherland threw it at me :P I walked past the kitchen and he says "Elder Catch" and I didn't think he'd actually throw it... so it bounced off me and cracked :P

The guy cooking is Elder Sutherland... :P

and yes that is our kitchen.

I love the hat.

I was getting on my bike katie #DontTellTheLordsServantsWhatToDoSmallChild

We asked if he has many investigators

we have a few right now, and we have really started to get referrals as we have been working with the members a lot

Then another email, about his branch

This week we had 66 people at church! It's just nothing like church at home where everyone knows what they are doing :P We have 2 returned missionaries... in the whole branch... and only cause one moved from kk to here.

Oh the primary presentation was  this week! It was really funny :P

and like everything is completely fine with me and my bike... like Heavenly Father really helped me, don't worry, i only told you to scare you :P
Any words for Katie so I can send her to bed?

The Book of Mormon is true!

And finally, his "long" email

So we had the primary presentation this week! It was awesome, except imagine trying to get all of the primary to sing in Malay... so all the primary sang in English... so it was very umm... interesting :P but it was awesome and really cute :)

D (an investigator) is stopping drinking coffee, but this week she is only having half a cup each day, so in order to help her... I can't have any pop or ice cream! and man, I can't imagine how hard getting off coffee must be, cause getting off pop is killing me :P

I got hit by a car, but truly God helped me out. (unrelated, did you know you don't need hand to ride a bike :P) both by providing me the opportunity to become skilled on a bicycle, so that I could handle the impact without falling and also by a little extra help while I was in the collision, cause I should have been thrown from the bike :P

My companion threw a watermelon at me :P

and it is always hot here :P

I love you all, and miss you.

I hope you are all growing as much as I am, prepare to serve a mission!

Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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