Monday, 9 December 2013

Dec 9 2013 emails

Once again, a bunch of short emails all put together.

Hey guys!

So this week I got a new companion! And he is super cool! HE's kinda a lot like Baranov actually! He's district leader and he works hard

I have to get off in like 5 minutes...

but I really miss you guys! I hope you're all having fun! I wish I knew more about what was going on back home! I love the advent calendar! I love mom's letters!

I hope you're all reading the Book of Mormon and continuing to grow!

I'm super excited to talk on Christmas!

Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester
I still haven't opened my Christmas presents :P
we bought groceries today... and we spent RM200 :P cause Sutherland likes to cook
Maybe you will learn something! That explains some of the pics. What are the green bags of stuff
that wasn't with Sutherland... that was with Baranov and we were at Belinda's to say goodbye and it is rice wrapped in leaves :P
Also I've gotten locked out of my apartment 2 times...
once with Baranov cause we went to teach  across the hall and we forgot our keys.
and then once with Parker, the day when Baranov had left and Sutherland hadn't arrived yet, we went to take out the trash and forgot the keys.

also I bought a triangle :P

What about shoes?

I'll buy new ones eventually

hey have you guys got my letters yet? cause i still haven't sent my Christmas ones... oops :P
I have all the bike tools i could need, I bought a new tool and tubes, bikes are good, and I have a pair of shoes... i brought 2...
ok love you all! k really gotta go now :P


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