Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January 12, 2014 email

hey this is what I sent to President Thomas, thought I should send it to you,

Well President, I have my first baptism approaching on the 25th!!! and I am overjoyed at the change I've seen in this man, just to give a quick report, I thought I'd tell a little about him.

So his name is A, and we were going to teach a less active, and met him and his buddies, absolutely drunk outside. However, regardless of their physical condition, we talked to them for a bit and joked around and then went to teach our lesson. When we were closing, A came upstairs, and it turns out that he is the less active member's husband.

We saw then a struggling marriage, a man who didn't live up to his potential, and we were determined to make a change.

A met with us the following Tuesday, and he expressed a sincere desire to change, he told us that he wanted to stop smoking and drinking, and that he was ashamed of many choices he had made in his youth (for example his tattoos) and absolutely loved the message and the Book of Mormon that we brought him.

As we taught him the first 3 lessons we found that he was truly prepared, and that as a result, he asked every question that he needed to, with perfect timing in order to open his heart.

As his wife was a less active member, he knew a little about the commandments, including the Word of Wisdom, and in the 3 weeks we have known him, he has stopped drinking alcohol, and smoking (and coffee etc, following the wow) without us teaching him.

We have gone over the baptismal requirements, and it is everything he wants in life. I have seen this man's life change, and now his wife has been re activated, and the two of them are happier and happier every time we see them. The church not only saved this man's eternal salvation, but his wife's, also their marriage, and has helped him quit several harmful addictions.

President I'm so grateful for the choice I made to serve.

Serve with everything you have!

Jumpa Lagi,

With all respect and admiration,

Elder Bester
Then he sent along a bit of email for us
and you should watch the latest mormon message and also make sure you are all reading your scriptures and praying TOGETHER for a considerable amount of time EVERY DAY If Dad can't make it home on time, then read in the morning.
And have a real FHE Every monday. and if you can't do it on monday, do it on a different day
also nothing is more important than those family unity things. Don't just reset goals. Drop everything and anything to accomplish them.
I'm just as happy helping a family achieving that as I am helping a person be baptized. It is so important do it everyday
transfer news, i am staying in sentosa, Elder Hill is coming here, and Elder Sutherland is going to Penang as a zone leader


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