Monday, 20 January 2014

January 19 2014 email

Chinese new year is bigger than Christmas. Like it is crazy. Go to a shopping mall... or really any store, and there are chinese people everywhere. I swear The chinese people stop working for a month and go shopping. It is ridiculous, especially when one of your potential investigators works everyday... and feels like she can't stop working on sundays till after chinese new years...
(This is in response to something I said about a fun Chinese New Years party we went to last year)
Oh my goodness I forgot about that! That was an awesome party! That is pretty much like every day here! Just instead of chinese robes I'm chillin in missionary attire... and there is no snow...

Zone conference was awesome! I got to meet Elder Larry Wilson of the 70, and he randomly picked people to have an interview to discuss the mission with ,and I got to talk to him about Kuching, missionary work, learning Malay, he told me that he knew that I was a hard working diligent elder and to continue what I do!

Singapore was fun, we went to Wendy's, and that was awesome :P

My new companion (just like my last 2) is awesome. We like a lot of the same stuff, we both put on our papers that we wanted to go to Japan :P Have a lot of similar stories, He is a little taller than me :P which is really strange, cause I don't ever see someone taller than me :P

Nama dia Elder Bukit :P sangat hebat dia! He has been in an English area his whole mission, so he can't really understand all of what is being said... I have to really step up, and I like it cause I feel like now we are really getting things done, the two of us are definitely supposed to serve together and I am really looking forward to serving with him!!!

Jumpa Lagi!

Picture with me and sutherland and the family holding the manila temple, that is A, he is a RM and he served in Salt Lake, and he has been in Kota Sentosa about as long as me... but he is already married

Sister K's family, we brought McDonalds there when Sutherland was leaving

Elder Hill at a group of houses :P

Me at the same group of houses

A little farm shack for tools

plants... malaysia... the works :P

Bro. A giving us some sugar cane! It was so good! We ate straight sugar cane and it is freaking delicious!

I found an english sign language book by the church... so elder and missionary.. and serpent looks really funny :P

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