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January 26, 2014 email

So bowling was last p-day, and we played 3 games for free!!!!!!!! That was really cool :P

The Chair is broken, and the sticker is from the bottom of it...

 A, me and Elder Hill, Brother C (our elders quorm president who baptized him)
A and his Wife (already a member)
probably my favourite picture from my mission

We played tennis this week :P

The mess is in the spare bedroom... and it is where the mould is...
seeing him get baptized was the greatest feeling in the world. That made me so happy. Like... I don't know how to describe it. He has changed so much. I'm just so happy. :)
There are so many neat and wonderful spiritual experiences that I have had, I love it out here, even when times are rough, they are still pretty good.

So I want to emphasize again the importance of reading together.
My message that I have taken away from my mission is that obviously, people need to choose for themselves, and can't... or at least shouldn't be forced into something. Something I always struggled with was the concept of indoctrination, large amounts of atheist friends, and they mention it a lot...
To me, for a long time, it seemed like the church was almost pro indoctrination, but as I have served, I have seen why a)indoctrination doesn't work, and b) why it is so important to read the scriptures together and individually.
So reading together, for a long period of time, gives families the chance to see the blessing in their lives, due to reading together. When people have to make choices, they have already seen the better choice, and make choices for themselves, not because it is a family thing, but because they have benefitted.

Additionally, there is absolutely nothing that is better for strengthening a family, than to read the Book of Mormon together.
I could give a lesson on this for hours. This has hit me so hard that 3Nephi 18:21 has become my favourite scripture.
Pray Together!
Love you :)
Elder Bester
jadi, saya mahu sebut sedikit dalam bahasa malaysia, kerana saya sangat suka BM.
Saya suda bersyukur untuk datang ke misi saya dan layung (serve... probably spelt wrong) di sini :)
Translation (maybe...)
so, I want to say a little in Malay, because I really like the Malay language.
I am thankful for coming to my mission and serving here :)

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