Monday, 24 February 2014

Feb 23 2014 email

I loved the shirts!!! They were awesome, I brought both of them to Singapore with me today...

Oh ya I'm in Singapore right now because I am training!!!! I flew to Singapore this morning with Elder Harr!!! We are both training! Also I am now the District Leader! But I am still in Kota Sentosa.

I don't know who my son is yet, but I have met all of the Malay Elders, and there are only 3 (Elder Harr is going to be training an english elder) So I have already met him... just don't know who yet :P

I am super excited to get to train! Also I get to be district leader, and everyone who is coming into my district is super cool.
For the last few weeks I have done a lot of the teaching, contacting, organizing.

But President came and did interviews in Kuching, and now I am training and DL!

Elder Jensen is getting transferred to Kuching, not in my district, but it is going to be cool to see my MTC companion again.

Basketball playoffs, are rough.
It's ok, Luke will dunk in school playoffs.

Well, I'm gonna go email other people :P

Jumpa Lagi
Elder Bester

Also just curious, did you ever get new shoes? 
I got new shoes 2 months ago...

Any new investigators or returning members? Any new funny stories?
I'm trying to clean up the list of our branch, found out our less active had only been baptized, did not get the gift of the holy ghost, so she got it this week!
I have changed so much, and I honestly feel like my mind has been blown open, I understand so much more about how the church works. And holy cow I think i am going to be ward clerk for forever. My life has changed so much, and I want to help the church as much as i can.
Anyways, I'm gonna go!

Love you all!
Elder Bester



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