Saturday, 15 February 2014

Feb 4 2014 email

Hey family, so because of Chinese New Years, everything was shut down on monday, and the internet cafe wasn't open until today, so mission president gave us permission to email today instead of monday. So I didn't forget to email :P Just emailing a little later...
I freaking miss Padoch. Like honestly, do you realize how many adopted brothers I have? Like Padoch, russell, brendan, thomas... they may as well have lived at our house :P

I got some letters and stuff, no packages yet... I don't think, not since Christmas...

So busy, there is so much work out here.

I love you guys a lot, I gotta go to work now though, we went to the caves again for p-day.

My Malay is really good now, cause I have worked so hard at it, I want to be able to use it for the rest of my life.

It is a lot of work though, very tiring, go hard all day, Elder Hill's bike was broken yesterday, so we walked 8km to our new investigators so that we could teach them :P

We do soooooo much, we are busy fixing the branch list (There has never been a single name moved out of the list!!!)

I love you all so much, help all the YM and YW go on missions. They need it.

Make sure that you read together and pray together every day. Every. Day. No. Exceptions. Ever. If you have to, call dad and read over the phone with him.

Do no make exceptions. Read individually every day, read as a family every day. The Book of Mormon is everything.

Family I miss you all so much, Troy, you are a stud :P

Katie, Don't run over the boys too much, don't beat up Jordan :P

Luke, you are the only one who emailed me (beside Troy) so you are getting extra blessings :P

Jordan, well J, I miss you man. alot.

Also I read Jacob Chapter 6 Last night, I really liked it (cause with Jacob chapter 5... which I also read last night) it really talks about missionary work.

Something I really like to do is to talk to everyone. Honestly, like at red lights I talk to people on motos and try to get them to become a potential investigator, and it has made me wish that I had introduced the gospel, better, and more frequently, to my friends back home.

I love you all,

It felt like over 40 degrees today.

Jumpa Lagi.

Elder Bester

Also I have good enough Malay that I translate for the senior couple :P

Ok actually We are still here for a bit, so there are some more things that you can do.

So make sure that you are helping all the youth. Help them all want to serve missions. Jordan, make sure you are filling my shoes :P

Like, the youth are always on my mind.

Help them kay? please?

Love you


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