Saturday, 15 February 2014

Feb 10 2014 email

This week, my email to Brent was about Mike being called to be in the Stake Presidency, and that the Olympics have started.

Ok like oh my goodness that is crazy. Holy cow I have to call dad President Bester (and still just call him dad like I did when it was "Bishop Bester")

Well, today was a good day, this week has been really crazy.

I didn't even know the olympics had started :P That is how unattached Malaysia is.

Hey so who is the rest of the stake presidency? was there a new ward? like you guys haven't given me very much news :P

Malaysia is sometimes the most crazy and random place ever. Like there is no organization :P and always just like the most random things happen. I wish I could just take you guys here for a week and just see everything, this culture and country is crazy.

So a really cool thing, President Hedges (our branch president) told me this week that he doesn't want me to leave Kota Sentosa :) Which I thought was really cool, and our Elders quorum president gave testimony of... well pretty much us, as he has seen us working hard, bringing people to church every week (We have 6 progressing investigators and 2 others at the moment)

There is always so much to write about, this place is so crazy, and a mission is so wonderful.

The picture of all of our bikes wrapped is because we all went to  a really cool place again (the same one I went to with Elder Baranov when he got called as ZL) called Bako, but a few groups didn't go, and they did that :P

Sister Bourgouis (the new sister) asked me how to do Malay study like I do because she said I have really good Malay, my Malay has gotten pretty good (Still want to get a lot better) but honestly I am fluent and can read the book of mormon fluently in 2 languages, (and almost can read fluent in Indonesian)

I bought new fake sunglasses today :P

Transfers are happening early, we get news on the 22nd and actually move around on the 24th.

Love you guys, Read the scriptures.

also give referrals to the elders. :P

Jumpa Lagi,

Elder Bester


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