Thursday, 9 January 2014

January 5, 2014 email

ok so i'll write about A. So he is now on date for the 25th to be baptized. We clarified and he is legal... cause before we thought he wasn't...
but we met him when going to teach Y and T, two less active ladies in our branch, and we met him and his buddies absolutely drunk out of their minds by their umm... i guess like boarding house? out side there little square to live in... and we had fun with them... but then went inside.

we told A we were gonna teach him tuesday when he was sober... he comes up about an hour later when we are ending, and it turns out that he is Y's husband! and we did not like him. at all. but! We met him that tuesday and everything changed, and since then (we still haven't taught the W.o.W but he knows it cause his wife is a member) but he has already stopped smoking and drinking. Do you know how incredibly hard that is? and he has done it because he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and he loves this church.
anyways I'm going!
Jumpa lagi keluarga saya!

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