Monday, 17 November 2014

Nov 16, 2014 - Good week in JB

Sounds like Canada is being cold : P unfortunate if you live there, it's currently 30 degrees with 70% humidity :P

I'm out every day, almost all day :P

Go Stamps! I didn't even know that it was playoffs (thanks for keeping me in the loop)

Well done Padoch! That is really impressive, I'm glad that he got to play with them. (Abe Jr Football, won city championships)

Luke don't be that guy. Don't wimp out and play v-ball instead of football.

Troy is so old! (And katie...)

I have Christmas stuff to send... the problem is that a member in Sibu Jaya was making it... so I have to wait for everything to get to me... so might not be arriving on time... haha oops

anyways I'm on, finally had an interview with President Yesterday! (I haven't since Kuching...) Had a cool week, I'm really tired 'cause the other companionship wasn't ready for reporting, so I had to stay up and report with the ZL... so I'm about ready to fall asleep on the keyboard.

Tell Jordan to look up Proverbs 21:19

look how interesting the scriptures are!

My week was good because... I don't know, we work hard, everyday is long and tiring, but for some reason at the end of the day, it was awesome. Little miracles everyday, meeting prepared people. I had an awesome interview with President Mains, that was nice, haven't had a conversation with him since May.

I am really liking the house, I've got 3 awesome friends living with me, who all want to work hard, by far the most obedient, and as a result, the happiest I've been on my mission. I'm having a good week cause we're going hard haha.

You should remind dad, that he's my dad, and there is probably at least 10 minutes in his week to e-mail his son on a mission :P I know he's busy, but there are other people, who are busy, who e-mail me every week...

also Mom, Johor is very large, lots of hills, my area is 15km away from my house, lots of Islams, we go and find Ibans who work in the factories here, or who work in Singapore and live in JB

Gotta go!

Elder Bester


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