Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Transfer news - Johor Bahru - Nov 2, 2014

Responses to emails:

Told him that Luke wore the crayon costume this year
The crayon costume is the best... but what did Padoch wear if Luke had the crayon haha.

And about a presentation at work
Well good luck at work! That sounds exciting, just in time for you to go back to full time work! :D

Sent a link to a church video
"Am I allowed to watch it" (Already did...) it's on LDS.Org...  I didn't watch the 4 missionary one yet (also

And mentioned that we are waiting for Jordan to get his braces off, so he can submit papers for a mission
You can serve with braces... can't you?  Has Jordan got his patriarchal blessing yet? And did you get my answers from the missionaries yet?

Also Mom and Dad, could you guys like... tell me your conversion stories... cause I know nothing about your conversions.

Also Mom, could you send me some of my resumes/ submissions for the Highschool awards? Just to review for the UBC application, I'm gonna ask President Mains to be one of my references.

Also should have transfer news... eventually...

Katie's questions:

What is it like in Malaysia?

Malaysia is hot, and really Muslim :P but things are going great, I'm really loving Malaysia, especially Sarawak :)

What are some crazy things you have eaten?

Chicken Butt. (Snake, Iguana... IDK almost everything (except alligator, because in Iban tradition, if you eat Alligator, later another alligator will eat someone in your family))

I can't believe that it is less than a year before you come home.

I tell myself that I still have 18 months left, because I don't want to go home yet! :P

How many baptisms have you had.

After last Saturday I have had 11

I Just got transfered :O

I'm going to Johor Baru in the Malay branch (only Malay branch in West Malaysia...)

I'm ok with it, haha, cause I'm gonna go hard in JB, still a lot of Ibans. I can keep calling people etc.

I'm DL again, with Elder Spurier
Pics this week!
Pictures out in Dalat a member from the Kuching International branch came to Mukah, and we went to his home in Dalat (even smaller town than Mukah)
Abandoned house
Former investigator (who hopefully gets baptized this year)
Old Lady who I taught in Sibu (friend of Sis K... turns out they are related) and met her at her long house!
Playing bola
other pics...
Is that the font? Is that as much as you can fill it?
ya... and it is tiny :P

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