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Oct 26, 2014 - Stories from Sibu

Hey everyone! I'm on, just want to make sure, Mom have you been mentioning my AP exams while applying? because, for example UofA, gives me a significantly higher percentage...

Mukah is the best, actually just missions, missions are the best :P

We have a baptism coming up this week, which is super exciting! Anyways hope to chat with you all!

Next, there was supposed to be a picture, but it didn't come through

So the furthest Iban to the right is J, (so not the white Elder... the native :P) a few months ago we were at Bro.J's birthday party, and I went outside and started talking to this group of guys all smoking and drinking, I talked with J (who at the time I didn't know) the dialogue goes as follows, Me: Hey, how are you   J: good   Me: What's your name?   Js:J    Me:What is your religion   J(In English):The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I was so shocked, he had been baptized before the church was in Malay, so he used to go when it was all in English, no Malay missionaries, and natives would translate church every week.

We started to meet with him, and helped him (with the Branch President) to quit smoking and drinking, and he is currently a young Mens teacher, and was able to baptize a young man this week, he is preparing to get the Melchizedek Priesthood in January, to me, one of the many miracles of my short time in Sibu.

Also (furthest two to left) Brother E, who we re-activated (branch mission leader) was able to baptize his sister, it is incredable to see how working with activation brings people in to the waters of baptism!

I love when you sound excited about your mission! I was worried the other day because to me it seems like Mukah would be harder than the other places you have been, must just be what I needed to hear tonight

Haha Mukah has been my most succesful so far

So any other news? Must be a week or two until transfers or a trip back to singapore?

Also we were wondering if you still ride your bike tons in mukah? Or is it less since you are in a smaller place?


Next monday is transfer news

I ride it more than in Sibu, but less than Kuching, because it is a smaller place we have to go out further to get people. Sibu I had the downtown (bandar) area, so I just rode to my area pretty much... In Kuching we lived 5km away from our area, so it was atleast 10Km of biking every day.
We chatted a bit about missionary work, and that we had the missionaries over for dinner. And, how members need to be missionaries, and I said: But remember it's going to be dark and cold here for about 6 months now. Who wants to be friendly and open in that? 

Members friends will be open :P... Missionary work is all members... missionaries just teach their friends...

President Mains "Perfect World" Members give referals to the point that missionaries spend all day going from appointment to appointment teaching and never have to contact.

anyways! Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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