Monday, 6 October 2014

Baptisms! - Oct 5, 2014

How were the baptisms, did everything go ok?
The baptisms went great! All 5 got baptized, however, as Melvin was leaving the baptism, he got a call that someone in his family had died, so he was unable to get the holy ghost this week so he will be getting it on the coming sunday.

Coleman is leaving on his mission this week.
Coleman is gonna be a beast, I'm excited to hear about him... what is his mission email?

Do you want me to send stuff for Christmas, or maybe buy you some music, or just put some money in your account?

Music is great... but I really don't have much time...

Money sounds like a good option :P

Also! There were two people who came back from the temple from our branch! The first two to ever get sealed in our branch! (There have been 2 others endowed, both currently on missions (Elder Takin, came back and baptized 3 of the people (because they were his family) this last saturday))

Our next investigator getting baptized (Oct 25) her name is V, she is 14, which is cool cause it's like baptizing mom!

Do you watch all of conference, just Sunday, do you watch on Saturday and Sunday? Just Sunday? Do you have to translate?

Haven't watched any of it. They pay people (returned missionaries) to translate it in Salt Lake... they send a flash drive of general conference in Malay. Watch it on both days

also just for information I've been a little sick, but life is good

Mom don't freak out

This of course prompted me to send questions...

A little hot, but I am fine. note that I said "just for information" and not for "mom should freak out and ask questions about it :P "

anyways I'm outa here! Jumpa Lagi!


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