Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sept 1 2014 - Awesome p-day


So quick stories, last monday after e-mail we went to the Bashaw's house with S and ate and talked with the Singapore stake president! He works for seminary/institute, and came to Mukah to meet and talk with S (the teacher... who is preparing for his mission...) it was absolutley awesome, I realized that it was the first time I had every just sat down and had dinner with a stake president (although on my mission I've eaten with a few district presidents)

The Zone Leaders came on splits this week (that was a lot of fun) on the way home we were riding (in a lighted area... with lights on) and a drunk guy on a moto hit us! Luckily no body injuries and all my bikes injuries have been healed :P

I did the ALS challenge today! (I'll send a video next week... or you could FB the Bashaw's and they could send you it) and nominated Kirsten, Russell, and Brendan, I don't care if they have already done it, I'm freaking nominating them from Malaysia... so they better do it again :p

Sibu Jaya Branch came up to Mukah today, and they went to a beach by our branch President's long house, so we went with them today, with a few members from our branch, that was so much fun! played on the beach and I got slightly sun burnt... so I'll be really dark soon! woot!

I'm emailing later today because we went to teach our investigators instead of having a p-day :P so sorry I was un-able to chat back and forth today

I'm sure there is more stories, but things kinda melt together :P So i'll just explain missionary work in Malaysia when I get back next year.

It was weird waking up on the 28th and realizing that the next 28 August I would be in Canada... I think I'm just gonna apply for a Malaysian passport and live in Sarawak instead :P

We are having miracles with investigators going to church, we had 52 people at church this week (first week 30, last week 46) so everything is going really well.

I wish every one good luck as they get ready for school!

Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Bester

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