Monday, 22 September 2014

Sept 21, 2014 - Staying in Mukah

Well Everyone! How was this last week? Mine has been crazy! All over the mission, Kapit, Kuching, Sibu, Singapore, and finally Mukah! We had 54 people at church this week! It was so good! Some awesome people getting ready to be baptized, I met Elder Takin, who is from Mukah and is currently serving in JB! His dad has quit smoking! and is able to be baptized on the 4th of October (so far, still needs to hold out)

Exciting that Coleman went to the temple, I hope he goes multiple times before the MTC...
I'm waiting for transfer news, so far none, I had no problems at borders this week, but an entire zone  got black chops (7 days to get out of Malaysia) so might not have news for a while... A church attorney is flying down to meet with immigration Malaysia today :P
this happens a lot.. people get chopped, they just go back to Singapore or go to Indonesia for a couple days :P will see though, because there are a lot :P a lot of Americans (which is why I feel safe going through borders because I always have a different passport than everyone :P) although the other Canadian Malay Elder got questioned in KL.
Speaking of going through Kuching, me and Elder Sutherland had a 4 hour lay over in Kuching and went to Batu 7 to see members, and I got to see R and P! A was at work, but I saw his wife. Saw a ton of people in not much time. Wanted to see some more, but no transport and no time.
Elder Sutherland has pictures and I'm gonna get him to e-mail them.
Then the next night I was in Sibu 2, and bused up to Mukah, so in 24 hours I'd been in all 3 of my areas!
Also the border thing isn't that big a deal, people get stamped every zone conference. Luckily no one was deported this time.
Also speaking of deported, Sister Simon some how had my camera (no SD card :/) So I got my old camera back!
So I just got transfer news, and Me and Elder Shorts are staying together in Mukah!
Elder Reynolds is training! So I'm excited for him, and Elder Harr is zone leader in Miri! other stuff also, but that is the highlights
Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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