Monday, 15 September 2014

Sept 15 2014 - Visit to Kapit

I love Malaysia so much, especially Sarawak, I have gotten to see so many cool things, I went to a town called Kapit today to visit some members. To go to Kapit you have to take a boat for 3-4 hours, (there is no road) and it is a pretty big town (bigger than Mukah) with a lot of people, but our church isn't there yet (although missionaries always ask President to open it). The family we saw has already been married in the temple, and they were so awesome! Kapit is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
I'm uploading a bunch of pictures... but might not all have time (sorry I'm in Sarawak... so biasa :P) (if I was in Singapore i could send anything :P)
The picutres looked awesome, and I was stoked to see Monster Trucks! I can't believe it snowed... considering it was 30 the day I left...
A few people (2) (including you guys) mentioned the trees falling all over the place cause of snow. You'd think the trees would know they're in Calgary, and not have this problem :P
Also so pictures, there is a picture of me with Brother J (cause I saw him last week)
Pictures of Sibu (the swan and the fountian with Elder Shorts)

Pictures of us on the boat going to Kapit

Sleeping Elders on the boat to Kapit (6 in the morning...)

Pictures of the Kapit port

Elder Jahali (from Kuching) (just cause he's funny :P)

The family we went to see in Kapit!

Downtown Kapit

Elder Jahali playing an Iban instrument (he's Iban...)

Us buying bead things from a lady in the Kapit Market

Monkey, Snake, etc (Also I got stung by a massive bee right there, and the brother we were following found some old lady with cream or something haha it was funny because just previous I was thinking "What would happen if someone got hurt" I had no real injuries and I'm totally fine.

Various other shots of Kapit :P

Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Bester

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