Monday, 2 March 2015

Mar 1, 2015 - Trip to Singapore

How was your trip to Singapore? Borders ok?

Borders were ok, I got an extra stamp that says I'm not allowed to work... but still got 90 days, so I'm a-ok
Katie's school team made it to the finals in div 2, and then lost by 3 points I think to sjam! It was a good game though, Katie played almost the whole game!
Way to go Katie!
I have been checking the university sites, but no changes yet. I think at u of a the deadline to apply for sept is May, so maybe we will have to wait until then :(

until May... that's in forever...
Jordan is getting his braces off finally! April 2! And then he has one more dentist appointment on apr 29 and then he can submit his papers! I'm hoping they find a way to bump that appointment up so he can send in his papers a week earlier, but we will see. If he does, maybe he will get them right before Mother's Day and can open them with you there!

Before Mothers day! That would be so soon! How long has Jordan had orthodontist work? like 10 years :P

Singapore was fun, we got to watch meet the mormons! That was such a good movie, I loved the start of it, absolutely hilarious, the main host walks around NYC asking people about mormons, and it felt like I was talking to people about mormons in high school :P it was so funny.


comparison of Islam to Mormon... notice it's opposite...

Chinese people in Malaysia

Elder Sessions asleep at a house

Story time!

So we went to KFC by waterfront, and the cashier was impressed that we spoke Malay, and kinda flirty, so they asked if we could speak Iban, so I ordered in Iban and talked in Iban, and as we were sitting down eating, one of the workers brought me the napkin, and said it was the Iban girl in the back...

anyways, could you do me a favour and add them on FB :P

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