Monday, 9 March 2015

Mar 8 - Staying in Kuching!

My house is the exact same, no one got transfered, still have the same companion.


yay! UBC!!!

Anyways I'm on and way stoked about UBC!

So glad you get to stay, that stretch of lots of short transfers seemed pretty hard on you

It was so annoying :P
Hey! As of today I have 5 months until I'm 20!!!

Tomorrow for all of you though :P

Also Wednesday is my 18month mark!

I re-learned log this week, that was good, my physics and math is actually not horrible right now...

k! Pictures

So first! Our toaster was making weird noises and shorting out, turns out Cicak's (lizards) got into our toaster! and died...


There are some nice sunsets by my house, and our district (minus the chinese Elders)

We painted our bikes!!! That was way fun, so mine is straight white with maple leafs on it.

Also there is a picture by a river, that was right beside a gov't built long house in the middle of Kuching (because it was gov't built for low rent it wasn't very good... hence no pictures of it...) but there was a long house in the middle of Kuching!!! What the heck? so weird.

Anyways, I'm going! Jumpa Lagi! Elder Bester

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