Monday, 23 March 2015

Mar 22, 2015 - This week and Last week

Last week:

Also! Just as exciting (haha not really) Elder Sessions and I had our 18 month mark this week! so we made a bunch of mexican food, that was delicious.

Also, V, (the friend of all the youth, don't know if I've kept you up to date or not...) she accepted a baptismal date for 2 weeks from now, that was really exciting :)

Anyways, that's everything that comes to mind

Elder Bester

We had brutal rain on sunday... so only 29 people at church (last week was 61)

Also speaking of the rain... this week I biked over to church in my church shoes, a t-shirt over my shirt and shorts, changed in the bathroom in the church because of the rain. haha that was funny

From this week:

I told him we were going to try skiing as a family this week.
hahah, please send me pictures before and after the hospital.
And about a friend coming home from his mission
Brother Low now haha, if he's coming home that means I'm getting old...
An update, haven't heard from UofA or UofC
I'm pretty down with the idea of UBC...  but will see...

anyways, might have a baptism this week... :)
I asked about what was new
We met a guy who has been wanting an english class! so English class actually had some effectiveness to it! We had an awesome branch council, We have a baptismal interview for our investigator, and I just told a really noisy kid to be quiet.
Gave him a March Madness update
Oh good, so I'm winning :)

I also realized I don't really have pictures this week... oops :)

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