Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sept 13 2013 Letter

Hey Besters! :P

The MTC is the greatest experience I've ever had! I love it here!

I have two companions, Elder Jensen & Elder Haar! Elder Haar's dad served in the same mission as dad at the same time as him! So I'm supposed to ask if you knew 6'5" Brad Haar.

I love it here, I love a little independence, I have the best zone in the world. My district is like a brotherhood. I've gotten to play opening hymn at our branch meeting, also I accidentally took Luke's swordfish towel. ha ha.

I'm the "Canadian Missionary". Still the usual charismatic, loud, Brent I've always been.

The Spirit is through the roof, I've had my testimony re-affirmed over & over.

I taught my first lesson in Malay this morning, he was a native Malaysian RM. It was hard, cool to know a little Malay though. I understood most of the conversation and was able to stray from the lesson and use the Spirit.

Man this is great! We have an apartment cause we're on West Campus, which is sick.

Well I'll write and email more, this is supposed to be my "I'm at the MTC" letter so I'll fill in more details later.

Jumpa Lagi! (Good bye / till we meet)

Elder Brent Bester

If you send a care package, can you send maple syrup... :)

I miss you all,
Love You Troy!!!
... and the rest of you :)

Elder Bester

Sorry this is quick I'll write again

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