Monday, 30 September 2013

Sept 26 email

Hey so is anyone going to ever tell me how Troy broke his arm haha (also just so you know, the keyboards are really messed up today, and I cant use a bunch of punctuation like question marks...)

How is everyone at home, I absolutley love it here, and Katie I really loved the craft (cant use smiley faces either) and troy you did 6 laps! that is so cool dude! Since you guys sent me that picture i got to tell everyone here who Terry Fox is! Also I loved the family photos, I have those in my room.

Crazy thing happened today, Adam Strong is part of the first english speaking district on west campus! So I talked to him like an hour ago!!! I was so super excited, also the only other person I know is on main campus (the only one who knows him is Jordan... hes the black guy at the dances named AL) and it has been super cool to run into my friends a few times.

Also I met a guy from Edmonton, and a sister who went to Churchill and knew Kirsten

I went to the temple today, and one of the elders needed a translation so we watched the old video, intresting fyi for mom and dad. It was cool.

There is so much that happens in a week, i could spend the whole hour on this email and I wouldnt (cant use apostrophes either) be able to get it all in. I will probably finish my first journal before i leave the MTC and you guys can try to read my writing about the MTC haha

ALSO!!! There is this thing called Dear Elder, that you type a letter, and it delivers it to my mail box that day and I get it, could you mention that on Facebook for me (although I really liked your last letter of the daily reports... so keep doing that haha, really i just liked moms pictures haha)

Question time haha
1) Jordan how many likes did my final status get
2) Why have you not had a date yet. I had a gf the day after i turned 16 man
3) Could you guys tell Craig I say hi, and could you give him my email I miss that guy, i would love to talk to him haha
4) Troy is your arm ok, and are you liking grade 1
5) Also Troy are you playing basketball yet
6) Katie! How are you doing, do you have your own room yet
7) Luke I dont run into people if you recover a fumble (not really a question but hey whatever)
8) Are all the piniatis (IDK how to spell it... the mexican things in the kitchen) still there
9) is all my stuff still packed, or is it all gone already.
10) How does everyone like the new phones haha.

Well I have to leave out of time.

Jumpa Lagi,

Saya menyayangi Kamu

Elder Bester

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