Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sept 19 2013 email

Hey family!

So I heard you guys haven't gotten any of my... 2... letters yet! So I'll try to cram a bunch into this email.

I love the MTC! I'm enjoying everything! I love learning, and I've already had to teach 5 lessons in Malay... We have our first "investigator" committed to baptism. So I can bear my testimony, pray, and do what Bro. Horman (our teacher) calls cave man talk in order to teach a lesson. I've had amazing experiences here, and have had no doubt about what I'm doing at any moment.

I went to the Provo temple today, AND IT IS FREAKING HUGE!!! they have like 12 sealing rooms! that's insane!!!
and the celestial room was amazing.

I have a really cool bunch of guys in my zone.

OH YA! I have two companions! There are 16 of us going Malay Singapore, and were split into a group of 9 and 7.

I'll probably finish my journal before I leave the MTC so I'll have to send it home so you can read it.

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