Monday, 24 March 2014

Snakes and Chocolate

We have started Spring Break here! Or as Luke calls it, winter break 2.
haha winter break 2, when I get home summer break will be winter break :P

Dad is wondering if you have heard the news about the Air Malaysia airplane that crashed?
of course

I have one friend here who works at a little rice stall, and I was talking to her and she was looking for some utensils or something and I asked "Kamu cuba cari apa?" What are you trying to find and she said "Kapal terbang itu yang hilang" The lost plane :P

Everyone knows about it, all over Kuching there are signs that say "Pray for MH037" (I think that is the number) also we went to Miri this week for New Missionary Training and used the same company, so the mission still trusts it, and I've heard tons of rumors about the plane

OK, I looked Miri up on the map. That’s far away, it says it’s almost 800 km, and an 11 hour drive. So, I can see why you don’t drive or take a bus! It seems like it’s really either bike, walk, fly. Although, from the pictures, sometimes you take boats too. Are those just for short distances? How do you get to the airport, do members drive you, or is there a bus? (I’m guessing you don’t ride your bikes…)
With Malaysian roads it is an 16 hour drive, cause Malaysia...

You should go to LDS.ORG and look at branch boundaries in Malaysia, and see just how massive our boundaries are... I could honestly fly from one end to the other.

The airport is in our area and right close to our house, normally the senior couple or a member.

We fly to Singapore again in a couple weeks, Miri was the first city I'd been to outside of Kuching and Singapore (it is the 2nd biggest in Sarawak, but only 300 000 people...)

So is your zone all of East Malaysia, with 3 different districts?
no, so my zone is Kuching and it has 1 district. Sarawak (the province) has 4 zones (Sibu, Kuching, Miri, Bintulu) and each is it's own district, then Sabah (the other East Malysian province) has 1 district. Each district (except for JB which is in the Singapore North Zone) is one zone.

East Malaysia has 2 provinces. Sarawak and Sabah. I am in Sarawak's capital Kuching. Sarawak has 4 districts and Sabah has 1. Kuching District has 6 branches.

What's with all the chocolate?

Did the chocolate survive ok? I was told somewhere that it would all melt.
It all made it ok cause he packaged plastic bags around the side of the box, don't know if that actually did anything, but :P

What's with the snakes?
Sis K caught them, and they kept them, and one has died so they ate it, and they are still keeping the other one.

Have you eaten snake?
NOT YET! But I want to soooo bad cause everyone says it is the best tasting thing in the world

Katie says Gross!
Sounds really good if you ask me :P

How is the missionary work going?
New investigators?
Any funny stories?
Any ward activities besides going to church?
Are both you and your companion healthier this week?
What are you doing/did you do for pday?

Missionary work is great.
Of course :P I love to talk to everyone, so I find people :P There is a single mother and her daughter who want to come out to church, and this one kid called B, and one of our investigators brought his friend to church last week
umm probably :P
No, the branch is still learning how to organize things :P
I wasn't really that sick, just Elder Reynolds, and yep, way healthier
We are going to all go play frisbee and last week we... i don’t remember.

Well I gotta go! Miss you all and hope you have an awesome week!
Read the scriptures!
Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Brent Bester

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  1. Hi! Elder Reynolds' mom here. I'm Debi Liz Hansen in Houston. My son just got to Singapore, then KUCHING around February 24. And your son, Elder Bester is his trainer. He's super happy in the companionship. I've found out that despite the mission fact book, packages can indeed be shipped and even received. Good to know! Thanks for raising such a good son, who in turn blesses my son. God bless them both, and all the missionaries in the Singapore Mission, and around the world. --Debi Liz Hansen