Monday, 31 March 2014

Soccer - Mar 30, 2014

How does conference work for you? Will you get to see/hear next week, or do you have to wait? Do you want me to send you the conference Ensign? Does it get translated to Malay?

So I hear conference in Malay the week after you guys hear it in English, and we get the Ensign every month.


Most the pictures are from me playing soccer last p-day, and that was so much fun cause they would all say: "brother!" (as in like a religious brother) every time they wanted to pass me the ball... and I kicked their butts

It was really funny because my team kept running off for smoke breaks, or they'd be running around with a cigarette in their hand :P

Oh ya, I don't know if I've really told you about this, but the Word of Wisdom is a huge struggle here.

The other picture is just a bunch of dogs, because there are dying dogs and cats everywhere  (also many living ones).

Our investigator P got hit by a car in Kampung, and then later got wrongly put in jail, so his faith is a little shaky right now. R (another investigator) is progressing and will probably be baptized soon, not as much got done as I would have liked last week, and then this week we miss 3 days going to Singapore... and then transfer news next Monday!
We have 7 progressing investigators right now
Well we are playing frisbee and rugby today!
Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Bester
p.s I love you all, and I am so greatful I have such a wonderful family

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