Monday, 28 April 2014

Baptisms - April 27, 2014

From an email to Troy

Are you a good missionary?

I am a good missionary :P we had two baptisms last saturday! R and P. They are really awesome guys, and they want to go on missions now! R is 21 from a country called Timur East, and P is Iban (Malaysian) and 18 and really cool. They have amazing testimonies!

P got in a car crash last month, and the driver and 2 other people died, but he said because he had the Book of Mormon with him, he didn't die! He is awesome and he asked me to baptize him!

I will send pictures, but we need to upload them... and I forgot my card reader, so I might not get to this week.

YAY!!!! The mission goal is 545, and that means by the end of the year, every companionship needs 6. I'm feeling good cause I'm sitting at 3 :)

Also the Kuching district wants 100 this year (... we are only at 9) but Kota Sentosa branch has 4! so it is really exciting! (The branch goal is 20) so I feel like I have done what I can to get us towards those goals.
We had over 50 people stay at all three hours (...51) which is the first time that has happened since I've been here. The branch is wonderful and I don't ever want to leave :P

What are you doing for PDay?

We are going to a mosque later!
Do you need anything from us?

umm, pictures are always fun

But actually what I need is for you all to give out a copy of the book of mormon to a friend before next monday! :) and by the end of next month to invite a friend to meet with the missionaries in your home!

Well I'm off to Kuching!

Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

also mom, one funny line from one of the moms in our branch she said "Kerja Ibu tidak pandai habis" or the work of a mother dosen't know how to stop :P

Also I told the senior couple about your mothers day talk when you talked about all or "Brent's moms" and I told Sister Boyter that she was one of them :P

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