Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Helping Elders Move - Jul 13, 201

The senior couple posted some pictures today, looks like a busy week. There was a picture of you with a bunch of people at a birthday party, with “birthday glasses” on, not sure how else to describe that. Also, zone conference and Chinese dinner, and also pictures of Elders moving furniture, for new apartments. (I only saw the back of your head in those ones, at least I think it was you!)
So, did you help everyone move? I think you said that  you’d be staying in the same place, everyone else was moving? Did that really happen? Is it super quiet now?

Ya, I did a lot of moving :P the house is such a mess right now, me and Elder Hobbs are trying so hard to get everything organized in the big house, it is such a struggle, but things are looking a lot better.

Just me and Elder Hobbs in the house, President and Sister Mains are trying to get us out of there, it isn't strange to me because with exception of two weeks in Kuching I have only lived with my companions... (Even in the MTC) so biasa sudah. We get along really well, Elder Hobbs is so diligent and loving, and we have had a lot of success together.

Sibu is awesome. We are getting a temple trip organized for next year! Which is going to be awesome, and is such a miracle, considering the branch was against having a temple trip when we got here, but things are changing, and hearts are softening, it is so great here! We have some good investigators, but I can really see the branch starting to become a real branch.

The language is Iban, it is the language of the native people... who are Iban. (There are so many different tribes (like native americans back home) but Ibans are 28% of Sarawak) Iban is similar with Malay, and so I can understand it pretty well (I called the Kota Sentosa Branch President last night and we talked in Iban, which was really cool :) ) but my speaking is not nearly as good as my listening, and I prefer Malay :P

We sent you a package when we were down in the States, which you might have gotten already. It’s up to you whether to open it or wait, it’s for your birthday.

I still haven't gotten anything, I don't know when the AP's are coming to Sibu again, but if it isn't for a while I won't get it 'till the end of this transfer...

It's been really cold here... close to 35 everyday :P

I haven't swam in so long :(
Your branch would go to the temple in the Philippines, right? Are there many people in the branch who have gone? Is dressing modestly a tough lesson because of the heat and culture, or would it just be people like me who would have a hard time with the heat, and if you grow up there it's not a big deal?

They go to Manila, there are 6 people who have gone... remember how this branch is struggling a bit :P But the great thing is we have changed this branch so much.

There are always naked people around :P people not wearing clothes, just cause they are too lazy to throw them on :P

This is what President Mains showed us last zone conference


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