Monday, 21 July 2014

Jul 20 2014

Hey interesting little video :P

Cool, but now we are going to watch it in English


We watched that at Easter for Family Home Evening, must say it is good in a foreign language, but much better when you can read more than "and" "you" "he/she" and "not"

I know, just wanted to show you that it is in INDO!!!! woot!

I should change your FB profile picture to be your bike helmet picture!

I was going to ask that actually! Good thinking,

also the "St.Guchi" Picture is because our house has that brand of lock... so I thought it was really funny that St.Guchi is looking over the Elders house :P

I just saw that the missionaries in Sandakan Malaysia have a 6 pm curfew because of tensions with the Philippines? Do you too? Did I read that right?

Elder Harr is in Tawau... and there was a military boat right out side his church (the church is close to the beach...) With a turret and orders to shoot any invading boat and take it down, also an airplane (MH017) was shot down over Ukraine.

Malaysia will continue to have problems until there is religious freedom. Heavenly Father will not let the country remain in an chained state.

That is why Sarawak is ok, because it is the most free of any of the Malaysian provinces. So no, I have no results of the Philippines/Sabah invasions

interesting little Malay English thing, the word for "Government" and "Kingdom" is the same in Malay (Kerajaan) The root word of which is Raja or King.

So whenever we establish the "Kingdom of God" we are legitimately establishing the "Government of God"

I was on splits once with an Elder in Kuching, and we were discussing Malaysian Government, which city will have the first stake etc... (which is a pretty common topic :P)

and he pointed out a few scriptures and noted, that as foreigners we should up-hold laws, but as a member of a nation, it is our responsibility, especially as members of this church, to do everything we can to ensure the correct laws are established.

I hear that there are a few good stories in Luke's email, so will post those when I can.

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