Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July 28 2014 - Temple trip planning

 This week has been good and stressful.

We had two awesome investigators come to church this week, they are studs, E and N, and the rest of their family is learning.

Finally, after so much work, and pulling strings, finally, I got this branch to pick a date for a temple trip next year, when I first got here they said no to temple work, but we have been teaching towards it and December 2015 is the Sibu 2 Temple Trip which is so freaking awesome and I'm so stoked because they are hopefully going to (by next year) have at least 7 families going.
also dropbox is strange this week... so no uploads...
sedikit-sedikit, demi lama-lama, menjadi sebuah bukit (Translate from Indo) (also the thing I actually say is sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit)
also there is a kid listening to Holiday by Greenday and I'm very happy :P
little-bit, for a long time, into a hill
Did that translate right?
Also, first Green Day since your mission?
yep  and yep, so that is a big saying here, over time become a mountain :P
also another really good Malay song is "Aku anak Kampung" which is pretty much a guy talking to a girl saying that he is from the village, and that the girl is beautiful, but he didn't have school, and is poor, so she should find someone better, but at our branch party (which actually was pretty awesome) we all sang that on karaoke... and it was so much fun :P
anywho Jumpa Lagi also now there is a kid listening to skrillex :P

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