Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Investigator - August 3,2014

Hello Family!

I hope that you enjoyed trek, and that you were all uplifted and enlightened!

The mission field is the "big trek" so get ready :P

quick couple questions, how big was the last package you sent? because there is a package in Singapore that was too big for the AP's to bring, and if that is you guys, I love you so much :P

also could you send some more pepto bismol? k thanks

umm... my companion may have possibly dropped my fossil watch and cracked the screen -_- (whatever it is just a thing so nbd) but what is the deal for the warranty for Fossil watches? and could I send it home and get it fixed?

I forgot my camera this week... so I'll send more pictures next week...

also I don't have my priesthood line... could you guys send that?

And Bro. Johns sent me a bunch of chocolate and he is the greatest guy in the freaking world. He is truly the candy man :P

also dropbox kinda sucks in this place...

Also have you guys looked into anything for school for me... cause like I know you all miss me and don't want me to go to school after I come home... but I want to not live in a cardboard box... and would like a nice car and a family... so I need to go to school... and things like scholarships... and/or acceptance to a school would be nice :)


anyways this week I got a fever of 39C (102F) but the first day I got sick, we went out, and I started not feeling good... but I went and taught 3 families before I would admit I was sick :P then I slept pretty much the whole next day, drank 100plus, and then... was still kinda sick ish the next day, but after that all good!

I went on splits with Elder Sutherland, which was so much fun because we served together in Kuching, and he trained me... so we got to have a day again to kick butt. It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see how much both me and him have changed.

We were at K-M's house (who we are helping to go to the temple next year) and we asked one of their neighbours if we could help. Turns out he was drunk, but he came up to us saying (in broken English, that is how you can tell if some one is drunk, they try as hard as they can to speak English it is so annoying :P ) asking us to help him quit smoking and drinking so he can fix his family and be a better man. So we are meeting him daily right now, to help him get over his addictions, he smokes about 40 cigarettes a day, and we have yet to meet him sober, but the amazing thing is, that if he wants to, he can stop this week through Jesus Christ and his atonement.

We had 60 people at church, which was awesome because K's family came (Even though he and his wife had work they went to sacrament and went late) and they brought our investigator family!

umm... lots of things happen on a mission... I'll just tell you all about it in another year or so :P

Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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