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Great week in Mukah - Aug 25, 2014

Hey! I'm on line!

Had an awesome week! I freaking love this branch, I'm doing a preach my gospel survey right now, so I'll chat in a bit

I just finished haha, anyways, I got my priesthood line thanks so much, that was really cool to see!

This week was a lot of work, we hit almost all of our goals, and exceeded the majority of them, we had a "pioneer party" which was a lot of fun, and a bunch of investigators came to both the party and church!

Elder Shorts is great, and a very intelligent missionary, and working together has been a lot of fun!

What kind of goals do you have? Number of contacts or number of lessons or something?

number of lessons, investigators on date, investigators @ sacrament etc. Preach My Gospel has it all defined, and M Russell Ballard last general conference told members to start using it, so it is all in there :P

Hey I'll send pics this week.

Some awesome investigators, there is a family of a missionary currently serving in this mission who we are teaching, we put a husband of a sister on date yesterday, and that was absolutely exciting, the members here really understand the church. Our branch president is only 27 years old, but he already is in charge of his long house, he is freaking awesome. We've had some awesome success, and should have 4 baptisms on October 4th!

Our appartment is a house, but it is much smaller than the one in Sibu, so it is nice and clean :) we are lacking a lot of stuff, but the mission won't let us get new stuff because the senior couple is leaving... in a month... so we just get their stuff.

There was a time last week when I asked our investigator, Brother T, if he would pray at the end of the lesson, but I accidently said "Brother, bolehkah kamu tidur" which means, can you sleep... which was so funny, cause the mistake came out so fluently :P

I freaking love this branch, it is hard to describe, there is currently 2 missionaries serving (they have the same amount as our home WARD... how on earth?) and we are helping S (who will be Elder E) get ready for his mission, as he is waiting to get interviewed with President Mains! We went to a place to eat with him where you cook your own food on like a stove... it was awesome!

The first people from the branch (with exception to the two missionaries) to go to the temple are going in about a month! So we are very excited for them as they are making such a great choice! And as a result, the branch is planning a trip to go during June next year!

We had a pioneer day, and we got decorations and had a fake fire, and lots of food :P It was so much fun, the senior couple has previously served a senior mission in Nauvoo in the pagents (or something) there, so they did a little act, and the branch absolutely loved it! We had 46 people at church, which was awesome! The district Presidency came up this week from Sibu with (a week ago Elder) brother K, who just finished his mission (son of the Elders quorum president in Sibu 2) and there was a freaking awesome sacrament meeting!


one year almost! Hey I'm uploading pictures right now... so there are pictures of the members who were in Sibu when I went back for Zone Meeting (I also got to stop by KM's house, Brother J was at Kampung so I was unable to see him but gave him a call) chillin with S cooking out food, and also our Branch president's long house!

anyways! I'm out of here! Remember how blessed you are to be in the most mormon major city in Canada! (so therefore the most blessed :P)


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