Monday, 11 August 2014

Transfer news - Aug 10, 2014

It was Brent's birthday yesterday, Aug 9, so I told him to measure himself so we could add his height to our wall...

ok I'll measure my self, except it might be cool to have the gap and be like "that was when I was growing spiritually" :P

also Dad should e-mail me :P cause he is the only other person related to me who has served a mission and he understands what a mission is :P and I want to hear about trek from him.

Also you didn't answer any of my questions from last week :P

also it is transfers this week, but we do not yet have the info :P

I just got transferred to Mukah... Its only been 2 transferrs and I love the people here... ugg I thought I had 2 more transfers at least... but oh well... My companion is the district leader... and our district is a senior couple, me and him...

His name is Elder Shorts, and he is pretty short :P

anyways... ummm ya I don't know what to think :P

From a response to Mike

I just got transferred to the tiniest little place in the world -_- where there is my companionship and a senior couple, but I go where the Lord wants me to, I'm really excited about the place, but don't understand why I was only given such a short time in this branch that I have come to love so much.

Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed trek, and I'm so happy to serve the Lord, I've been reading Jesus the Christ, and it is eye-opening, and life changing. (Just finished chapter 22 this morning) but I feel like it is a book much more appreciated as a missionary than as a pre-missionary, and I'm glad I'm finally reading it :P

It was awesome here in Sibu, but so hard to leave because there is so much I could do.

I asked where Mukah is, and if they would still buy food, or have to cook now

It is in the same zone, it is a 3 hour bus ride north of Sibu... it is kinda in the middle of no where...

I got the package thank you so much :) Mukah has a KFC and no McDonalds... there is nothing there :P haha
Then I looked up Mukah, and saw that there seems to be a lot of seafood, this was the response

so Ibans (and other local Sarawak people) take prawn and smash it with gross vegetables and make my least fav dish in the world called blacan :P

I'm excited to go to Mukah, just don't want to leave Sibu :P I feel like transfers would be a lot easier if I was in a mission closer to home, where I know I could go back often,
I sent some pics of stuff, mainly food.

I asked if he saw the picture of the height wall

I did, Jordan is still shorter than me at 17 :P

anyways I'm off !

Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Bester


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