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Life in Mukah - Aug 17 2014

HEY! I'm online! Glad everyone had fun at provincials, and from what Jordan tells me, sounds like he had a lot of success!

I'm sitting beside an 18 year old missionary right now, so I'm no longer the youngest Malay speaking missionary :P

My birthday was weird because now I'm 19 and that is old... cause next year is going to be really weird... so my head isn't quite faham-ing the whole "I'm 19 thing" (faham = understand I think)

Mukah is freaking dope. It is clean, and very beautiful, very nice, also much smaller than Sibu (which was very small compared to Kuching :P) It is the smallest place in Malaysia with a branch, but the members there are awesome. Including babies and children, there are not even 200 people on record... so still very new, the group was formed 5 (maybe 6) years ago, (the current branch president said 5, but I think there was one family 6 years ago that was allowed to have the sacrament, and the rest started getting baptized about 3-4 years ago) it has only been a branch for 3 years, I'm the 17th Elder to ever serve in Mukah as a branch... so it is an extremely rare, and blessed opportunity, to strengthen a branch and help it flourish.

The members who go are strong, not as many go, but no one left after 1st hour this week (church attendance, was 30 this week, the last two weeks were 53 and 54) more priesthood holders came to Mukah this week than ever went to Sibu 2... :P so I'm enjoying the fact that it actually runs like a branch, and not like an incredibly weak ward, with too much people and no attendance :P

Mukah is small, so only me and Elder Shorts [and a senior couple who are going home soon and not being replaced... :( ] Elder Shorts is from Mappleton Utah, and he is freaking awesome, we get along really well, and he is a really chill guy. He previously served with Elder Stewart (the other missionary from Alberta) so has served with 2/3 of the Canadian missionaries :P

I don't really see to much of missionaries coming and going... cause not only am I in small Sibu... but I'm in isolated Mukah :P so new/old missionaries doesn't affect me too much :P but we came down to Sibu today (for Zone meeting tomorrow) so I get to meet a few.

My group had 24 missionaries, and the one 6 before me had 25, so big groups coming and going is pretty biasa. (biasa = ordinary, according to Google Translate)

We have some awesome investigators, including a family of a missionary currently serving in this mission (Elder Takin) and there is a lot of potential in Mukah. My companion was in Elder Hill's group and has been out for about 16 months. (I hit my year mark soon fyi)

anywho :P

Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Bester

also these are some cool stats, I didn't read all of it cause I got bored at about the pictures, but the stats were really cool
sorry a little late today because we bused down from Mukah to Sibu... (3+ hours...) so ya... we have meeting tomorrow... did I say that already?

How has the food been?
Food has been good. I've been in Mukah for 4 days...
What is the bus like?

The bus is different depending on the company. I went to Sibu on a really junky bus... came back on a nice one, just bring our bikes on. Malaysia has poor people (who get by) and very rich people... so there are nice buses... also there aren't many people in Sarawak... (3 million) and about half (and maybe more) live in Kuching, Bau, Serian, Sri Aman (which are all Kuching Area) so there is no crowds on the bus. When I got on in Sibu I was the only one, when I got to Mukah it was full though.

Transfers are fun, you travel your self... otherwise how am I supposed to go...?

OH! So the night of transfers I was packing etc. and didn't sleep... at all... so I got on my bus at 7:30 and slept until almost Mukah, when a bunch of Indonesian field workers got on the bus, so I gave them my seat and sat on the back, (really hot on top of the engine) by my bike haha it was a lot of fun :P

We played touch rugby last p-day and it was really rainy... so we got really muddy :P

I sent some pictures of wonderful families and investigators in Sibu, and I get to go see Brother J today and buy a burger from him!!!!! so I'm pretty stoked
also Mom, the bridge and the big building are Mukah, also the entry where you wrote (on my blog) "learning Jawi" you put a picture with Chinese that meant Sibu... (on a white board)  a while ago...
anyways, hope this week was good, being in a new area is fun, but always challenging, but it's fun, I love the branch here, it is another shop lot branch, but it is so much fun.
sorry shop lot means we meet in a shop lot and not a chapel... so like in a building with a bunch of stores... and one of the "stores" is a church...

Jumpa Lagi
Elder Bester


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