Monday, 7 July 2014

Airport Stories - Jul 6 2014

Wow, the cabin sounded like a lot of fun! Did I tell you about the time that we bought fireworks and had members set them off cause we aren't allowed to :P (chinese new year)

I was so busy writing those emails last week that I didn't get to tell you guys a few stories! So when we were coming back from Singapore, we flew through Kuching (and I was ticked cause everyone else had a long enough lay over in Kuching to leave the airport, and I couldn't) and there were 3 different flights going from Kuching to Sibu, me, Elder Sutherland and Elder Christensen were on the first flight, but Elder Hobbs... my companion was on a different flight!

So... I flew to Sibu (ticked that I couldn't go visit members in Kuching, cause if I had been on any other flight I could have!) but I get to Sibu... and my luggage was still in Kuching! :(

so the other two chilled with me for a bit, and then we look at the board to see that Elder Hobbs' flight has been cancelled... so my companion was in Kuching... and I was in Sibu...

but he got his flight changed, came a few hours later, with my bag! So everything turned out good, but it was really funny.

this week I got kinda sick... so I ended up sleeping for about 24 hours... Elder Berger was pretty sure I had dengue... so I called Elder Baranov and he gave me a blessing, and all ok!

We had district conference this week which was freaking awesome, so many good speakers, the 2nd counselor (but currently the only counselor...) to President Mains (President Ero) gave some amazing talks. He is Bidayuh, and one of my favourite families from Kuching, so it was so awesome to see him again, to hear him and meet with his family!

He spoke on how if you keep all the commandments, the Lord will bless you to be learned, and successfull... and I think everyone believed him as he pulled up in his lexus, and then his wife came later in a mercedes... (btw, cars are ridiculously expensive here...) but ya... he has deep pockets :P

I got to translate his talk for President and Sister Mains, that was scary :P but a lot of fun!
Dad wants to know if you have a mission doctor? Or, did you go see a doctor? Or, call Sis Mains?

I called Sis Mains, and talked with her yesterday at zone conference. Dad should know I can handle myself :P
That's exciting that you got to translate for the Mains, guess your Malay must actually be good! It must be hard to keep listening and talk at the same time.
"must actually be good" -_- among the best.


Also pics, my branch mission leader giving me a hair cut


Our recent convert J working his hamburger shop,

Brother E's kids (Branch mission leader) ... just cause all three of them are really cute... but also always steal my camera

Canada day Rubik's cube,

Independence day Rubik's cube

and beautiful Sarawak

I goof around with them all the time, and could use them on p-day (I am the only one from Canada though... so...probably no one else is gonna want to...)
Anyways, I'm logging off...

Elder Bester


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