Monday, 15 December 2014

Transfer news - Dec 14, 2014

I'm glad the house is all decorated! That's exciting! You should send some pictures of the house!

We had our Christmas conference this last week in Singapore! (I almost didn't get back into Malaysia because the guy at immigration didn't like how many stamps my passport has, and he said I need to get documents from the church... (but I got in :) )
 I got to be a Shepherd... (not too exciting, they just ask some Elders to sing and be a shepherd... but last year I didn't do anything so that was fun.)

I'm sending home some stuff for Christmas today... so who knows when it will go to Calgary, I have everything in my backpack right now, and I'm gonna go over to a store, find a box, wrap the box, and send it home!

I am living with a bunch of Americans (#mywholefreakingmission) so we play a lot of basketball, I touched the rim with both hands! and I can grab rim! when I was in Mukah I was too fat and I couldn't touch rim any more, so I'm in good shape again.

I haven't played street hockey yet, I've only played a bit of mini sticks, but I mess around with them sometimes. I win a lot at soccer, but mostly kids here play footsal, which is like smaller soccer (I think it's better)

I always find it funny when people complain about Christmas songs and Christmas trees back home, yet in a Muslim country there are Christmas trees in every store, and last year almost every day in Kuching I heard the Boney M Christmas Album playing in stores (How weird to hear that in Malaysia) I've also heard it a couple times in Johor.

I think it's funny that in 'religiously free North America' we have to have "winter concerts" and can't have "Christmas concerst" but in Malaysia muslim kids celebrate Christmas.

anyways :P

Jumpa Lagi!
Elder Brent Bester
so my pictures... (the last few weeks that I haven't sent them...) btw still waiting for transfer news
There is a malay kite (we went to the kite museum)
American thanksgiving.
A poorly worded english sigh
(Red building) stake center in Singapore
(white building) Pasir Panjang building in Singapore (also a church)
fyi there are 3 churches in Singapore, and I have only seen 2... but the stake center has 3 chapels, 2nd floor, 4th floor, and one in the mission offices behind the stake center
Chinese guy juggling in Singapore, he was freaking good
More Singapore.

Elder Lallemant from Quebec (English speaking)
Elder Pun (Vancouver) Elder Lallemant (Montreal) Elder Bester... (I hope you knew that one...) (Calgary)
Elder & Sister Boyter, last zone conference, they went home last friday, they were the senior couple in Kuching when I first got to the mission.

I just got transferred to Kuching... Matang branch!
This is so weird! I was only here for 6 weeks!!!! What the heck!
Still a malay speaking branch, or maybe you don't know anything about it yet?
I helped a family from that branch go to the temple. I know a lot about that branch. It's the opposite side of Kuching though.
I'm with Elder Sessions from my mtc group!

Elder Harr is in Kuching, Elder Chang is in Kuching, Elder Poppelton is in Kuching, Elder Christenen, all from my MTC group

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