Monday, 29 December 2014

Dec 28, 2014 - Update from Kuching

I asked about the flooding, since we saw a video of flooding in Kuching on the weather network, and told him he didn't have to hide it

I'm in Borneo. No flooding here. Just in the Malay areas of west Malaysia. No proselyting area in the mission has been affected. Not hiding, it just has no impact on me so I didn't talk about it.
The flooding is in the provinces of Kelantan, Trengganu, a little bit of Pahang, and a little bit of Johor, but not the area where the missionaries are.
Then I sent another email, that started with I don't have a lot to say, and then ended up really long. Katie thought Elder Bester wouldn't read it, so we put a question in the middle to see if he did.

I read all of it!

but when your first line is "Well, I don’t have a lot to say" and you type that much i get pretty scared for next week :P

Anyways, I ran into a investigator I had in Mukah... about 30mins ago that was super cool, she is planning on coming to the Kuching District party this wednesday (her brother lives in Kuching, that's why she was here)

anymore University news? what are all the universities you applied to...?

No more news from universities since probably everyone has been off. I applied to u of a, u of c, UBC, u of Regina, u of s

I wish the world worked on my schedule, and I could know where I'm going to live next year in a timely manner...
It will work out. I think you will get accepted at u of a, with plenty of time to organize stuff. For Calgary, Regina and Edmonton we have family where you could stay as a worst case scenario while we find a great place for you. Don't worry (hahaha so funny for me to say that)

and on top of all of that, I have to re-learn everything, start engineering, and get married :P

You will remember everything quickly, first year is easy, you don't need to get married right away, Dad was 28, just date a bunch of girls and have fun!

and pay for things. :P
and not get fat
money is the worst :P one day i'll be barely out of university, and making a starting wage of 65 000 a year as a starter engineer and I'll be laughing. but until then... (and then I'll be rocking it and in a few more years... i'll have my own firm and i'll be making bank :) )
Just remember who helped you with physics and faithfully write emails when you are rich and famous :)
I asked if they could watch Disney movies on their mission
I've never had time to watch a movie on my mission. So I have no idea. I know some elders in Johor got permission to watch the other side of heaven, but we played basketball instead.

and you can see my friend from west stake, Elder Al Juels!

also this is a way beautiful picture!

Calgary Alberta Mormon Temple

Just checked UBC, they say they make decisions mid – March to early May.
yay exciting :P at least I know that, every 6 weeks I get a surprise here :p at least I know when my surprise is coming :P

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