Monday, 5 January 2015

Jan 4, 2015 - District party

There was a district Christmas party on the 31st, so I got to see a lot of members from all the branches! That was super exciting, got to most the members from Kota Sentosa again!

The Milkshake party! That was so much fun! I loved that party, really good tradition :P No New Years kiss this year though :P

hahahahaha " I think he’s tired, because he didn’t make me type a play by play of all his goals for you. Maybe later."  That's hilarious hahaha

New Years hockey! Man I miss the ward traditions!

How many of the boys made it through all of it (Hobbit / Lord of the Rings movie marathon)? cause I remember doing Harry Potter, and it was just me and Cobi :P

I actually remember that you went there for your 1st anniversary, cause Dad has said some jokes occasionally about that :P

Elder Pierce is a Chinese Elder! I went on splits with him last week, and we went to the Stutong area of Sentosa, so we stopped by a bunch of members :P

I haven't ever been offered that (bat and flying squirrel)... but I would try

Elder Lefontaine (serves in this mission he is in Kuching now, and was in Kuching when I was first here, he's from Detroit and he like the red wings) his brother served in a ysa ward in Edmonton

hope for UofA :)

Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Bester

I asked him how splits worked when they both speak a different language.

My understanding while teaching is good, but that's more because I can watch people and their actions, and a few words here and there, so I know what's going on.

But I just speak Malay or English, depending on the person...

Pretty much I just sit there and say something in Malay every now and then :P

We'll see, I'm hoping for UofA, I honestly think the hardest to get accepted will be UofC because they don't take the ap marks...

I still haven't gotten a SD card reader... so eventually I'll get one and upload pictures.

Elder Bester
sorry, about the pictures... I should really get a card reader :/
latest news! (from the mission)

Also if you notice, 370 baptisms... roughly 100 companionships so 12 in a year isn't too bad :P

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