Monday, 26 January 2015

January 25, 2015 - Staying in Kuching!

Hey! Still waiting for transfer news!

So now I'm the only one from 2nd ward? (also LDS.ORG doesn't list the Merciers as on a mission...)

I'm very impatient for transfers, my desire to e-mail is very low with no transfer news.

You should use this time to write really long emails with all sorts of exciting stories and the time will fly by!

well, a week ago we helped a sister do service, she needed to cut off some branches on a tree.... a very tall tree... so we climbed it and hacked off branches with a machete... while being bitten by red ants... the size of quarters.

Writing stories drives me crazy :P

umm... I went on splits with Elder Harr! (He is ZL in Kuching) that was awesome! We had such a great day talking to each other and getting work done! I love that guy so much, he's so diligent and incredibly down to earth. I think the reason that he always needs to have a companion is so that he doesn't get translated...

We have a baptism on saturday! #hopeidonttransfer

umm... idk... OH YA!

We dug a grave for a former branch president! The Matang Elders with a couple of YSA went out to the church grave yard (1st time) and dug a grave, problem being that the land wasn't cleared to well... so we had a tree trunk in the middle of the grave... that was a pain :P the next day (day of the funeral) a couple members had to go out with a chain saw and get it out before the funeral.

idk... that's been my week :P

my suit should be done tomorrow. Also I found a book binder to make my Kitab Mormon into a hard cover book... so I'm pretty stoked.

I'm still in Kuching! still in Matang, same companion!

Hey everyone! I want to say I love you all and appreciate the Love and support you have given me throughout my mission, and I am sorry I haven't sent any pictures... I'll get a card reader soon and send them all...
Jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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