Thursday, 22 January 2015

Jan 19, 2015 - Funeral

Interesting week, got to meet some lost less actives in our area, so now we have some new people to meet with. Right after sacrament meeting, (District 2nd counselor) announced that a brother (used to be a branch president) had just died, so that through some strangeness into the meetings, then we went to the home (with a lot of members from the district) saw the brothers body (already prepared). They didn't have any temple clothing in Kuching, so he was dressed in regular sunday clothes (but with white pants) That was interesting to see.

The most amazing part of that was the support that came from the district. Members from every branch came to support the family (there is a daughter and a son (19 &20)) (the mother passed away a few years ago) and to be there in their time of need. It was truly Christ like love at work.

We just went to the Sarawak cultural village (as I told Troy) that was cool, but I've seen the culture for the last year +... and it was a little different than what was shown :P

From Troy's email:
I went to the Sarawak Cultural Village today (That is why I'm e-mailing late) that was really cool, they had a show of all the different tribes in Sarawak. There was also examples of houses in villages (which weren't really all that accurate... but that's ok I still liked it) 

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Wow, Dad's been travelling all over the place. Japan, LA, next he'll end up in Kuching :P

The NFL is always the same 8-10 teams in the semi's, Wow surprise, Packers, Seahawks, Patriots, and Colts :P

I go to Singapore in the end of February, but next week I'll e-mail with transfer news!

Jumpa Lagi,
Elder Bester 

also, there are 11 new missions opening up!

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