Sunday, 17 May 2015

May 10, 2015 - Stories after Skyping

During district meeting this week, 4 men came into the parking lot, broke the window of the senior couples car and stole the gps, they were seen and so they booked it before causing more damage. So I was the official translator at the police station!
So we managed to get camera footage of them (the security at the Kuching District Center is pretty good) so I was involved a lot with security this week... However we still managed to get really good lessons in and had 4 investigators at church in spite of the lack of time.
We have some kids out in an area called Siol Kandis who we are teaching (un-baptized child of records, ages 9-13) (not the coolest investigators, but hey, he who holds the youth holds the future)
and they don't really have transport from that area (as a result the branch presidency is planning to move the building (cause we are just in a shop lot) and we are holding a sacrament service in that area once a month) but the kids convinced their less active father to drive them to church (we didn't even know he had a car) so we were shocked to walk into church and see our 4 investigators sitting with the youth who manage to come from Siol Kandis, it was truly miraculous.
anywho, jumpa Lagi!

Elder Bester

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